those who be.....

"Those who be clerk today, make them chief clerk tomorrow, those who are petty trader today, make them big contractor tomorrow, those who dey sweep street today, give them their own big office tomorrow. If dey walka today, give us our bicycle tomorrow...those who have bicycle today, they will ride their own car tomorrow"........bro chume in trials of jerome by Wole soyinka

Well I would say, those riding in business class today, give them first class tomorow, those in first class, give them private jet tomorrow, those who get private jet, give them their on wings to fly. Those who get wings to fly, may thunder strike and sun burn them so they start to walka again:)

Those who eat for buka today, give them Mr biggs tomorow, those who eat in Mr. Bigs today, give them jevnik tomorow, those who eat in jevenik today give them prime chinese tomorow, those who eat in prime Chinese today, may they fly on their wings to paris to eat, those who eat in paris today, may they purge tomorrow.........:)

We never really get satisfied as humans, we always want one more....just one more step ahead, sometimes that 'one more step' takes us right back to where we started out from. And the process starts all over again.

Is anyone ever really satisfied? Would you call the want for more greed? Its funny how the person with a million dollars sometimes is never as satisfied as the one with just a thousand dollars.

"don't wear yourself out trying to get rich. Be wise enough to know when to quit" Proverbs 23:4

I think the secret of satisfaction is all about God....trusting completely and casting all your burdens to him. Your little would seem so big and you really don't care anymore. You would board that plane and your coach seat would feel like you're in first class. You're content, and that's bliss.

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  1. My dear, contentment is key in this life otherwise we wont be happy with the blessings God has given us..."You're content, and that's bliss." - this i like.

  2. Godliness with contentment is great gain...the natural man is insatiable but God gives His people peace!

  3. As humans, we simply cannot be satisfied ('tis a default human nature) however, with God we can be assumed of His providence for all we need.

  4. maybe its all about a balance though...being content with where one is.. but steadily pressing on for the next higher mark..

  5. Abi o! Humans, we just can't seem to get enough! very thoughtful!!

  6. Well thought out article and inspirational too. I have learnt to count my blessings. Contentment is truly bliss.

  7. in upgrade! from Mr. Biggs to Jevnik. Iz it easy! hahaha. Jevnik's not bad at all. I had their jellof rice last year with my ex. I noticed they had all male waiters too with good customer service. But about human satisfaction, we will never have enough and I think that is why there is something called LIFE SPAN; so we don't just stay here indefinitely accumulating senselessly.


  8. Yes, it is in human nature to always want more. That can be bad, but I think it can also be good. That need to push for more has resulted in many advancements that have changed the world. The problem is we just don't know when to stop.

    Nice post.

  9. I concur...

    I plan to visit The Petite Marche next sun. will u be there?

  10. I like this post. Very refreshing. Most times true happiness and satiety lie in the simplest of things/moments.

  11. You are onto something there...deep stuff, well-said. I've always felt that way, but you've put it in writing very well


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