An Atheist and A Believer...

I love Rev. Billy Graham, i think he is one of the greatest and most famous preachers around,  as Woody Allen is one of the famous Atheist the world has known.
These are two men poles apart in their philosophies, and both successful in what the do.
Many of us get so aggressive/religious when trying to sell Jesus, we end up been goaded into anger by the questions and comments of those we're trying to 'convert'.

I love how this interview went, Billy Graham kept his cool, was humorous, relaxed and same time managed to stand solidly and calmly behind his belief. I'm pretty sure i would have snapped at some point. Woody delivered some heavy punchlines that would have got me all hot and bothered.
I guess there's something to be learned from this... tolerance maybe?

Part  1

Part 2


  1. Fascinating stuff. I loved it. A lot to learn from that great man of God. thanks for sharing and happy new year to you.


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