Roller Coasters...

The first time I went on a roller coaster was in some park in N/Korea and I swore never again… I kept true to that promise till winter wonderland, a week before Christmas. From the ground, we watched people ride on the twister coaster and my nieces and I decided it couldn’t be that bad. My brother the sage that he is stayed on solid ground. 
I was smug enough to smile and relax when it started, you know the slow start that gets you comfortable before the devil comes to play. I tried to be brave, but there is a time to be brave and a time to scream. I was sort of comforted with the safety wedge, keeping me in my seat, knowing it was secure enough to hold me down, but still not caring, because what I saw, and what I felt was more than the fact that I was held put in that chair. Somewhere in all the craziness, i heard my seven year old niece Gaby (who made us get on in the first place) reassure us “Just know we're going to be fine". That’s before she became possessed with the screaming demon, bless her brave soul.
I heard nine year old Steph scream 'MUMMY' many times as we twisted and turned and dipped and … O, I heard me screaming so bad, with closed eyes, and thoughts of ‘Oh God make this stop” it was such a relief to see the car come to a stop, as shakingly jumped out and held on to my nieces, we burst out laughing when we hit solid ground, it really was over after all, It was ok.
We mocked ourselves for a bit, funny how you remember everyone else scream than yours... and the picture of our scared faces is there to haunt us, I stare at it for minutes and wonder how possible it is to be so scared? I wasn't too pleased to see that we had the scariest faces on, most pictures there had people smiling through the ride.
Since my picture is a shame to "superwomanhood" (those stupid cameras they have up there) This should do... Notice how some almost cry through the rides while others have so much fun and are all smiley?
even the hard core sportsman...
I consider myself a brave one... like seriously, even though i can't swim i enjoy boat rides, i have hiked up a 5374 feet mountain, gone on a chopper and stuck my head out of the window, and i am preparing to grab the first opportunity i get to hop on a hot air balloon and even sky dive too. But i go back to my resolve, never again will i get on a roller coaster... every amusement park/carnival is all for hot-dogs, games, cotton candy, carousels and giant wheels.
I learned something from coasters, in the train of life, unexpected twists and turns, and dips and climbs and spins will be thrown at us, we could decide to jump out in fear (and die)... or stay on knowing we're secure as long as we have God, he's the hand that keeps us in our seat when the going gets tough, learn to relax and know that whatever it is, all will be well indeed... with that thought in mind, enjoy the ride, smile for the camera... don't let your picture be like mine, a twisted face, opened mouth and ugliness and some splashed on your pretty self :).
P.S: I changed my template... just in case you haven't noticed. #justsaying


  1. Loool, we noticed the template change. Though I prefer the former one.

    I have never gone on a roller-coaster and don't intend to. I am sure I won't find it funny

  2. Long time oooooo.....

    You went on a roller coaster in NORTH KOREA?????
    Pray what were you looking for in NORTH KOREA?!!!!!!!!
    That's the post I want to read.

  3. I loved the other picture, but this is nice too. :)

    Happy New Year!

  4. I'm sure I would have peed in my pants! lol

    This is nice, although I preferred the old template..had a nice homely tinge to it.

  5. lol, thanks people... and btw that wasn't a genuine 'lol'... LOl(now that's a genuine one :)
    was thinking of going off color for a bit, but i guess it wasn't a hit. so much for creativity.

    @catwalq, it's been ages, i see u've moved house :)
    i was looking for the 'great leader' o. lol


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