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Sarah D Henson
"Someone once told me if a dentist's child can have a cavity, a teacher's child needs tutoring, then a preacher's kid can have life struggles. Living up to someone's expectations is no way to live at all. Allow yourself to be you, flaws and all." Sarah

She must have given people a reason to snicker and point fingers at her father… maybe if it was in the days where the whole world was reduced to just a click on the Internet, then the story would have gone viral and facebook would have had debates and twitter would have called Christians names and jokes would have trended with harsh tags like #thepreaherskid causing people to discover their dry sense of humor. But it wasn’t, and I like many others wouldn’t have even known about it if we didn’t hear it from her.
Sarah Henson, daughter of Bishop T.D Jakes got pregnant at age 14, everything her daddy preached against, being holy and living a pure life right out of the window. You see, when satan hits, he hits hard, and when you’re so covered with barricades of protection around you, he goes to the weak defenses, he strikes the next best thing to you which is almost as bad as hitting you… your family. And so he sat back laughing at his victory, he planned on putting a duct tape and some glue on the preacher. He must have celebrated his victory… just like he did on the cross at the death of Jesus. But one thing I’ve come to know, the devil isn't as wise as we give him credit for, if he was, he wouldn’t keep hitting us with his best after what happened on the cross, like the bible says in 1 Corinthians 2:7-8 “(7) God's wisdom is something mysterious that goes deep into the interior of his purposes. You don't find it lying around on the surface. It's not the latest message, but more like the oldest-what God determined as the way to bring out his best in us, long before we ever arrived on the scene (msg) 8.But the rulers of this world have not understood it; if they had, they would not have crucified our glorious Lord (NLT).” True, if he knew about the glory of Christ's death and the salvation it continually brings to mankind, he would never have crucified him.
Like if he knew what path to glory, what woman of faith and passion for the things of God he was carving by getting her to that place she was in at 14, he would have let her be the preachers kid that she was expected to be by default. And so today, beautiful 23 years old Sarah stands with her head held high, not with pride, but with the string of Grace, because she didn’t just seat back and let him win. She moved, one step at a time, reclaiming her life, her dignity, her self image, pushing through the wall of shame and judgment, choosing to get out of the dirt she was pushed into, going back to school, getting a degree, getting married, running a ministry and just being a kingdom princess that she is. 
"I can remember feeling like everyone was staring at me, thinking negative thoughts…. I became very
familiar with shame, learned quickly how loud whispers can be, how fast rumors travel. …More
importantly I learned to never let anything or anyone convince me I was no longer worthy of dreaming,
living my life to the fullest.”
Sarah introduced her dad at the woman thou art loosed conference last year.
She has changed lives and encouraged many with her words and by openly speaking about her experience of wanting so much too soon. Letting them know that the past is a place that can be left behind, a place that can be triumphed over, and a place that should never be allowed to trample on us or stop us from attaining the joy of salvation available to all. She’s made many who’ve been through what she’s gone through and more be able to stand up and grab hope back from the claws of the devil. Like Sarah tweets “You can't control what happens today, so don't let what happens control you.” 
She’s beat the devil at his own game. Reminds me of Paul saying everything works together for our good... if she didn’t go through a teen pregnancy, would she be where she is today? Serving God and running a ministry with true passion. If she didn’t rise up to grab the hands of grace, to experience it first hand beyond what daddy preached, maybe her life would have just been about another preachers kid doing what she has to do as a preachers kid, putting up a front for the congregation and the world, but not really knowing and understanding what God’s love is all about, just experiencing God in the shadow of her parents and feeling unfulfilled. Not only has she beat the devil at his game, she has a beautiful trophy to show for her victory amongst many others, a walking testimony of Gods grace, her handsome son Malachi... Checkmate!!!!
Sarah and her parents on her wedding day three years ago.
Sometimes we go through things and wonder why? Or maybe we’ve done things we hate ourselves for, our past and all the decisions we made… As much as we hate that we did that, stop for a minute and be thankful for your past, for “all things work together for our good.” If you didn’t, would you have been so thirsty for salvation? Would you be able to understand grace and the depth of God’s love?… Some people don’t have to go through the storm to be brought into God’s grace, but maybe you’re one of those who has to go through the dirt to appreciate the sanctity of righteousness and the loving embrace of grace. 
She is a gifted young woman overflowing with wisdom that surpasses her age… but then, when has age ever stopped God? Check out Sarah's blog 'My words, My thoughts, My heart' here and follow her on twitter/ facebook.
*photos: courtesy of Sarah's FB page.


  1. So.... instead of taking responsibility for her own actions, it was the devil that made her pregnant and now thank God she beat the devil at his game?



    Yeah she made a mistake but it wasn't the devil that caused it it was HER.

  2. the devil is the father of all lies/evil(everything we do contrary to God's words)... and the bible tells us his purpose is to steal, kill and destroy. We get tempted by the devil and it's left for us to take the bite from the apple or ignore it. If we do fall into temptation, then it's our mistake, and ours alone... like i pointed out, Sarah said she wanted too much, too soon...(that's not blaming anyone but herself)
    The overall purpose of Satan sending temptation our way is to cause a separation btw us and God(steal, kill and destroy our salvation)
    The moment we're able to bounce back from the valley of self pity and regret and turn our mistakes around, then we've beat him at his game.

    Hope the point I'm trying to make is clearer.

  3. The devil is a fool and a liar. No matter how much we stray and fall far from God, He is always willing to restore us to His original purpose for us.

  4. Evils and devil are everywhere. It's up to us if we get trapped into their temptations. After all, we are the ones who make decisions. This only proves that we are human beings. We are not perfect but we can always make things right. It's never too late to do that. God is always there to help us in every struggle. It's not easy but we have to stand up and fight.

  5. Marriage is an institution ordained by God, some grow into it, some found themselves in it, and some desire it. But God gives it


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