All About Oga Ben...

I was overly indulged in my first month in uni. I was tolerated because I went to my school against my strongest will. I had the driver all to myself. I would go to school with him and he would have to wait for me till I was done for the day. 
I don’t feel guilty about keeping him waiting all day, because I know Oga Ben enjoyed this parole… In fact he would interchange cars; the audi one day and the Mercedes 190 the next day. I would ask him why he changed the car and he would say “e no good make everybody know the car you go use… just incase” I couldn’t think of anyone trying to assassinate or kidnap me, i was not the daughter of a governor or a minister or a 'big man', so what was his precaution about? Ii didn't take long to figure he was serving his own interest.
So it was, my Oga Ben and I, cruising campus together.
One day we went to school, it was meant to be a brief visit to the hostel, gist with my friends and head back home… Everything was going according to plan until we heard a gunshot outside the hostel. We all panicked. There was mayhem outside with people running helter skelter. My first instinct was to run out to the waiting car… you know how in the movies the getaway car screeches to a stop as you run out and the driver throws open the door and drives off even before you’ve closed it shut?
Well what a shocker. I ran out and I saw the car screech quite all right, but it wasn’t coming towards me, it was speeding off. Oga Ben who wanted to change cars for security reasons apparently never got the action movie memo. He zoomed off without me.
A cultist was killed… Students chased after and caught up with the culprits who were from a rival cult from another school. Jungle justice was served and they were burnt… panic turned to excitement for the students… I couldn’t stand to be in that environment. All I wanted was to go home.
After a couple of minutes outside the hostel, trying to figure out how to get away, and praying there’d be no more gunshots, I saw oga Ben cruise towards me smiling… I can’t remember the excuse he gave when i got in the car, something about him going to eat. He denied driving off in the face of danger leaving me there on my own. Mercy. I miss that man though.
I got used to the idea of the school being my school before long and wasn’t so uptight about it. I fell in love with okadas and could do without having a car with me in school; to Oga Ben’s dismay I’m sure. I learned how to drive just in time to drive myself to my first birthday party in university.
Oga Ben was sacked for some reason I can’t remember. He was one hell of a character... What i haven't figured out is if he was actually able to make an impression on any of the girls on campus.


  1. What a story! You know, my mind did not even go towards impressing the girls on campus. I was thinking he was using the cars as "taxis" to make extra money on the side.

  2. Girls, i knew it was girls totally...

  3. This is hilarious. Him zooming off and cruising back pretending that nothing had happend. Great article, Inyamu. I have to catch up with you one of these days.


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