Hush... It's All Hip Now.

Back then, I wore red nail polish and my friends were like... "no wayyyyyy!!!! that's for old women" and probable, wayward girls. But i loved the red polish, and i was a little pressured to take it off and get more hip with nude colors.

Then we'd see some women dress up in say green shoes and a red dress and yellow bag(something of that sort) and we'd have a trip, saying 'color riots' 'how ugly' and all sorts... We'd shake our heads in pity for her children.

Today? Red nail polish is hip... I'm allowed to be open with my obsession, i paint my nails red all day, everyday. It's cool, it's accepted and those who weren't so impressed with my choice then, rock it real good now.

No one's laughing at the yellow and green and red outfit. Color blocking is the isshhhh and it's beautiful and everyone is doing it(although we have been tortured with a bit of over-kills.)
Do you remember when you were young and a little coy about admitting you had a boyfriend? You'd shy away from the topic, or agree but deny you even hold hands? Now, no one cares about anything. We post pictures that pop on facebook, and we'd be insulted to have you suggest we shouldn't move in together... ahh, times have changed, its back to the days before the old days.

Do you remember when you didn't know anyone who read porn? Not because no one did, but because they hid it from you.  Today, porn in the form of a book is flying off the shelves, outselling 'harry potter' and 'twilight' series... Hello fifty shades of stupidity Grey. From what i hear it's poorly written too... like a low budget porn movie, and women, christians and otherwise of all ages are gushing over it, gladly tagging it 'mummy porn' over tea at book clubs. It's cool to say you've read '50' i mean, how uncool are you not to declare your love for erotical/porn to the world? (i was excited about the new book in town,unaware of the genre... until i called on my girl google for reviews...O_o) Hello accepting the unacceptable because it comes in a different package and it's tops the New York Times list ...

Remember when it wasn't cool to be gay? Now everyone's coming out of the closet every other week... I'm scared of opening the closet, i don't know what may jump out at me. Flaunting your sexuality is the ishhh... (No i'm not judging, if i don't openly go round pointing fingers at those who lie, have premarital sex, use swear words etc, if i love my neighbor despite the well of lies in him, then i have no right to hate a person for being gay. I can only stick to my moral truth and refuse to be force fed with what the world approves)

Sexy is the new purity! Out with the old and in with the new... A life and era where 'freedom' is celebrated, only it's really bondage that has been sugar coated with popping color blocks of freedom.

The world works just like fashion trends... It's going round, and revolving... we may as well be in the cave man era, only thing that makes our barely there clothes different(equivalent of loin clothes) is the colors we've added to them and the frills here and there.

Solomon says "History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new.." Ecclesiastes 1:9 
The fashion of an era was shunned in another era, and brought back as cool in yet another era...
All it takes to understand how the world works is reading about the Roman world of old... from promiscuity, to open homosexuality(coming out wasn't a big deal), to rotten politics, corruption to whatever it is you name. Entertainment was as soiled then as it is now (only difference is it's popped from the arenas to the TV screen.) All you've got to do is read Paul's letter to the Romans to have an idea of how recycled the world is... His warning then, sounds off now.

Red polish wasn't cool for a young girl then, now even younger girls are rocking it. Go figure.


  1. Really, history is only repeating itself.

  2. I've always told my friend..I'm ahead of my time... I wore gladiator sandlas before they were popular, army fatigues BEFORE they were back in fashion and so

    I also started reading 50 shades, not because it was erotica (though I think it was written for ages 16-25, but because I actually thought it wld be a good read like Twilight or Hunger games.. I think I got to 1/3 of the book and I had to put it down. I felt soiled. Something did not sit well with me... not just because the writing was horrible..very horrible... but When I put it down, I just didn't feel well. Now that everyone thinks it's cool to read it I can only imagine what power is propelling it to such heights... I had to delete it from my tablet and pray.

    anyway... I used all this to say...yes you are right...History is a "straight and narrow" Circle

  3. hmmm...its scary d way 'right' has become beyond relative. Now wrong is d new right.
    so funny how we go in circles like the times...its time 2 ve convictions and stick thru

  4. It is a fallen world we live in...

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