Be A Repeat Offender, Re-rock That Outfit.

You’ve saved up for ages and bought the dress that teased you from the window display of a high end shop. It’s now yours… you’ve looked at it, held it up, tried it on and stood in front of the mirror admiring how beautiful you look in it… You’ve hung it back up and had sleepless nights, eager to wear it for that event, the one event you’ve been looking forward to. The dress will glam you up and give you that priceless look; it’s going to give you the X-factor. 

Life is good as you step out looking exquisite. The cameras flash on the red carpet, and you flash a smile right back at them. The dress has introduced you into the night. Everyone compliments you… everyone!!! The night is a huge success, and you go home feeling fulfilled, a huge smile on your face as you sleep… even a flash of it's price tag in your head can’t dampen the mood. You sleep in peace.

Fast-forward to a couple of months later, there’s another event that you have to be at. While others wonder what to wear, and scramble at saving for a new dress, you remember your gorgeous jewel of a dress and your mind is at rest, but as soon as you mention the dress as your preferred choice for the evening, all the girlfriends turn on you like a pack of mad wolves on a poor old cat.
“Are you serious?”  “with all the papers/magazines that got you in that dress?” “It’s the old collection, you’ve got to be style, get something from the new collection” “ You want them to mock you? you’ll ruin your reputation… why in the world would you rerock?

Like seriously, you spent all that cash and emotions, talk less of the time you zoned off daydreaming about that dress and now you’re not allowed the luxury of rocking it as much as you want? So what, if you choose to wear it for every other event you’re invited to. Who made the rules? Who services your account to dictate that you’re to bow to the pressure of conformity, that your hard earned money should be wasted on a one time wear? Who died and made them fashion gods?
Last season and this season makes no difference to you, the price still stands… it doesn’t change the fact that you paid $XXX for it.

God is the ancient of days, yet He’s never out of style. He may be vintage, but he’s always in season, never old fashioned. The couture gown of salvation was specially prepared for us to rock all day, everyday. It’s too high a price that was paid for it to discard it after a season. Don’t let anyone make you drop it like another fashion piece that isn't in vogue. 

"I delight greatly in the LORD; my soul rejoices in my God. For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels." Isaiah 61:10

Isn’t it funny that its okay for us to re-rock a pair of jeans, flip flops, sneakers or something we get so cheap but when it comes to the really expensive stuff, we’re scorned. I can wear my cheap high street brand jeans everyday and no one cares, but the moment I repeat the designer brands, there’s always a raised eyebrow… “is that the only pair she’s got?” You're tagged a 'repeat offender' for not being stupid about fashion.
Oh, i still get conscious when repeating a really fabulous dress... I wonder what they think when they see me in it again and again. Facebook, twitter, instagram and the whole social network doesn't help matters as you find pictures of you in same dress and different events splashed all over the place... takes away your 'cool factor'.

No one raises an eyebrow when you repeatedly wear the cheap outfits of life. Its okay to be drunk evey other evening, it’s okay to sleep around and do whatever it is you do. But once you put on the priceless garment of righteouness, everyone raises an eyebrow… everyone wonders “didn’t you wear that outfit last Sunday?" Its reserved to be rocked only on Sundays or once every year, at Christmas or new year. You're allowed the sunday religious tweets and fb post, but when it goes beyond that, you're just a nuisance.
No one got your salvation for you... you went through the process, don't let them dictate how you wear it. Re-rock that outfit real good.

Two days ago, I got a lovely high-end dress from a thrift shop for the most ridiculous price. Fact that I got it for cheap doesn’t change the fact that it’s really expensive in the original shop and the designers handbook. It doesn't matter if you get your salvation from a large crusade, or in a dump yard, it doesn't matter if you get it from your facebook timeline or a blog... the location you find grace doesn't limit it's power and it's worth in your life. Once you dress in God's salvation and grace, it really doesn't matter  how you got it, but you got it and you rock it real good, all day and every day. Get to the top of the repeat offenders list... not even Joan Rivers fashion police crew should daunt you. 


  1. I thought about this dress thing this weekend. I was like how do celebrities do it, when they have to wear one expensive cloth and never touch it again. Now I know that we can make and break the rules.

    Quite comforting for me, cos I am gonna be a celebrity in future. *Somebody say Amen*

  2. "Once you dress in God's salvation and grace, it really doesn't matter how you got it, but you got it and you rock it real good, all day and every day"

    Can I get an Amen? I don't know how you draw these similarities, I wouldn't have thought of God's grace and salvation that way. Beautifully written

  3. so true...everythg else goes on repeat but not christ robe of righteousness

  4. see why I'm a fan. lovely piece nicely pieced.

  5. Still waters run deep!!! Food for thought.

  6. For someone who is a self-confessed 'uniform' wear-er this blog is very comforting. I am one of those who repeat without shame (I am also one of those who do not believe in 'bottom box'. I wear it when I feel like it. Life is too short).

    However for me, this blog is exquisite because of how you linked fashion to our Christian lives. Pure bliss.

  7. Definitely glad this blog was recomended to me :) praise the Lord

  8. @Ilola... Amen!!! and from me... WORD!!!! This post may be old...but it is still as new and as real as the day you wrote it! The essence is real! Off to re-rock that dress :)


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