Got Water?

There’s a thirst that can only be quenched by water. Have you been in a situation where your throat is dried up and you gulp down on ice-cold coke, or a glass of juice and you’re still parched… then you get a glass of water and it just hits the spot?
I always wonder how people take a beer or tea when they’re thirsty. Does it really quench or it just sustains you till you get the real thing? It doesn’t matter if you can afford to stock your fridge up with champagne, exotic wine and spirits, if there’s no water, you’ll certainly notice the absence of that cheap but most valuable bit of liquid soon enough. Because there’s a spot down there that ten bottles of rosé can’t hit… neither can a couple of shots of vodka or ten cups of coffee/tea.

I read this comment in one of the forums on the advantage of drinking water “water is always a better thirst quencher than soda because soda gives you a little fulfillment but wears out and you’ll be even thirstier, so always go for water in a soda/water situation…”
You just can't deny how important water is. Nothing, absolutely nothing can take it's place, not even flavored water comes close to the real thing in my books. If it ain't the good old plain water, it ain't water.

There’s a thirst of the human soul, one so bad that all the things we’ve thrown down to wet it have failed to hit the spot. They wet our mouth for a bit, but then we realize the spot in our throat is still parched, and so we keep running round in circles, trying to live the ‘good life’ by downing the rosé, chasing popularity and fame and success, chasing women and buying more cars… but those are just drinks that give instant gratification, not what the soul is desperate for. What the soul needs is the living water… the one that hits that spot, quenches the thirst and gives life to the body. Jesus offers us the best thirst quencher ever, His living water ...But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life." John 4:14 and how blessed we are when we realize that the ultimate satisfaction of the thirst of our soul is not in the earthly gains we chase after, but in the rest we find in Christ.
When you search for this water, you will find it and your joy will be full “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Matthew 5:6
“I have watched thousands of women try to find fulfillment without spending quality time with Jesus… and I can testify that their efforts have been in vain.” Jackie Kendall
Maybe you’ve labored for peace and joy for so long, maybe you’ve bought all the shoes, and crossed off everything on your 40 to-do by 40 list. Maybe you’ve had your baby, and gotten your promotion; maybe the car you’ve dreamed of owning for ages is now yours… Maybe you’re living the life of a super star, but still feeling empty and restless for something more. Maybe just maybe, it is your parched soul crying out for water, telling you all you’re feeding it with is not getting it hydrated. Maybe it’s time to stop downing on the superficial high class drinks and flavored water and grab at Jesus, the real deal. Kathryn Kuhlman says “…even though we possess all things, all things are nothing without God” 

Sometimes, we try to make ourselves feel good by drinking flavored water... but that wouldn't do you any good. Diluted Christianity is no Christianity. We can't compromise the taste of the water our soul desperately needs. We run to churches that preach half baked messages, and accommodate our lifestyles and tell us it's all okay to do what we do even when it's far from what is right. But we're not deceiving God, we're just punishing ourselves and torturing our souls. Remember, dehydration eventually leads to various complications which includes constant headaches, kidney failure, coma etc and eventually death.
Now is the time to grab at the Living water, especially in these days where the sun seems to be getting hotter... call it global warming or call it end times, all that matters is that you get hydrated today.


  1. You have spoken, may we hear. PapaGod, help us hear please in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. "Sometimes, we try to make ourselves feel good by drinking flavored water... but that wouldn't do you any good. Diluted Christianity is no Christianity"

    That stood out to me the most, the fact that we run seeking answers to our problems, we want a church that preaches prosperity, we want a church that is based on blessings, but its more than that...We must seek his face, bask in his words...

    Loved this!


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