The Big 10...

I love it that I'm with my nieces again, even if it's for just a few weeks.
One minute they're tiny little cute babies you're scared of picking up because they look so fragile and the next they're this stunning beauties a few inches from being taller than you are and asking for their own email and macbooks, a far cry from the peppa pig dresses and Dora the explorer toys. No more Nick Jr and so much of Disney channel, with a little poster of Justin Beiber on their bedroom wall and an even bigger crush on him in their heads.(Which I'm trying to rip off from both head and bedroom)

My niece turned 10 today...(well, it'd be today if i posted this a few hours ago) and i can't even begin to say how thankful I am to God for this goodness of His blessing us with Stephie. She's my first niece, mum's first grandchild, grandma's first great grand child and her mummy's first child... She's certainly going to go on to be the first amongst her equals.
She opened the clouds and brought in sunshine to our lives at her birth. I call her my sunshine, because in truth, she is. A little too much of me has rubbed off on her... but oh well, fabulousness rubs off easily.
Here's a happy birthday to my sunshine... If you ever get to read this baby, know that i really do love you more than numbers.


  1. Awwwww. Aren't nieces amazing? I love mine just as much... Happy Birthday Stephie

  2. Happy birthday to Sunshine. Nieces are precious gifts. Mine keep correcting my English but i don't even mind anymore. They're 2 and 3 by the way :)

  3. The grow up so fast right? Birthday wishes to your niece Stephie

  4. awww happy birthday to stephie...
    may God bless her.
    please keep on rubbing off on her cos you are a very awesome person
    (i dont know u personally, im judging from your blog post)

  5. Happy birthday in arrears to your niece.


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