The Rage Of Nature...

I love water,and i marvel at its intelligence to stay within its bounds, the wave hits the shores and recedes just as fast. But then like humans have become daring in the face of God's grace, the waters have dared Him and gone bold, extending beyond their bounds and causing untold havoc.
Some states in Nigeria have been flooded. But I'll focus on Benue, because it's my home.
River Benue was probably one of  the only cool thing about growing up in Benue, i could say we had the famous river Benue when people tried to act like Benue was a lame state.
Whenever i go over the bridge, i stare at the water, looking all calm and harmless.
But today, it's a monster... It's been transformed to a raging destroyer.
Makurdi is flooded.
My mum says it's bad.
Thank God our home isn't anywhere near the flood, but it is uncomfortably too close to home, because homes of people i know have been drowned.
Familiar places have been covered up.
Homes have been destroyed, businesses have been ruined, and farmlands have been washed away. This is beyond punishment for those who wrongly built at the bank of the river, it's more than that. It's creeping in on those who respected the rules.

The cause? Have you ever heard of Lake Nyos in Cameroon?(google it to get more light on this) It sits on an active volcano, and it's supported by a natural dam which has weakened from erosion and landslides, meaning, the walls of the dam is about to collapse and when it does, the effect would be much worse than what we're experiencing. It's scary stuff. But i refuse to be scared, I want to believe that it'll get better and not worse.
Hippopotamus:This was seen in a compound. People have seen crocs and snakes in the waters.
if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land
And so i pray. Yeah, roll your eyes and mumble about getting all religious, but when you're helpless, all you can do is pray. And so i pray, because i feel helpless and I'm worried and i believe in the power of prayers.
The authorities expect it to get worse, especially if the wall collapses.

I refuse to dwell on the aftermath, the epidemic that is likely to follow.
I refuse to think of how incompetent our system is in such situations.
I refuse to think of how low the society is, when one of the temporal camps for the displaced people was invaded by armed robbers who were stupid enough to think the cash donation made to the camp was kept there. Thus people who lost homes, livelihoods and their dignity, a part of their lives to nature, had to deal with loosing their phones, and little valuables to heartless human beings.
I got the pictures from various websites and facebook pages. The pictures don't give a clear picture, it's worse than it looks. I'm going back in two weeks and I can't imagine what it'd look like.
Please pray for Benue and all the states affected by the floods (Taraba, Kogi, Adamawa, Akwa-Ibom, Cross River,  Anambra and other Niger Delta states) and for wisdom to those in authority to handle this right.


  1. Ohhh, I never knew it was this bad. Really?
    I will join in prayers.

  2. A very close friend of mine who's retired parents struggled to put up a nice place of their own lost their home as well. My heart just breaks whenever I think that she's so far away from home and must be worried sick about them. Then their helplessness in the situation too is sooo painful. Tgey could n

  3. Not take out a single thing from the house. Let's not take this for granted pls. Let's pray for all the victims, it could have been any of us.


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