Not Again...

Not sure how to react to death anymore. I hate the idea of having to come on here to talk about it, especially when it's someone so young.
But then there's a joy in knowing that there's a difference between 'eternal death' and 'eternal rest'.
I like to believe that this young man has been taken away in a chariot of glamour and glitz into eternal rest.
A place where he'll know no pain... A place where if he had the chance, he'll tell those who mourn him that he's never felt better and death just happens to be the best thing to have happened to him.

I hate to see those I care about hurt. I especially hate it when I'm not close enough to charm the pain out with my smile, and my hugs.(Yeah, humour keeps me from crying right now)
One thing I've come to understand is that God is still God, and nothing can stop Him from being perfectly good and kind and lovely... Not even our pain and questions. "If we live, we live to honour the Lord. If we die, we die to honour the Lord. So whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord." Rom 14:8

Whether you live or die, in sickness and in health... In joy and in pain. Through the thunderstorms and the sunshine... Live to honour the Lord with every breath...
To my friends who walk through this storm of losing a brother, I can only say God never fails, He's never bad, and as much as this hurts, we have no choice to see it as His goodness at play.

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