Got My Eyes On You...

I pride myself on being a superb babysitter, aunty extraordinaire and future super mummy. Thus I was so sure I had an eagle eye on my niece Steph… I took her to fantasyland in Ikoyi, back in the day when it still had a little fantasy to keep the kids excited. She had so much fun playing on the indoor rides but got bored soon enough. We went outside where there was dancing with the carton character mascots. I put Steph in the fold and sat down to watch…

Aunty eagle eyes sat and watched them dance, and oh boy, what a shock I got when I suddenly couldn’t see my niece in the fold, I assumed she must have inched to the other side of the dance floor and got up to check only to find no cute little girl in the crowd smiling at me. My heart stopped as all sorts of scenarios ran through my head. Truth be told, nothing ran through my head, I was blank like I usually am in times of shock. I told myself I was calm. And calmly walked towards the administrative building and as I headed there, I saw her, looking lost and scared as a staff held her hands and brought her towards me, the relief I felt knew no bounds.

Apparently, she lost sight of me sitting down and panicked and walked round looking for me thinking I had left her; what a bummer. I never took my eyes off that dance floor; it probably took just a blink to loose sight of her. I didn’t want to tell the story of what could have been to my sister, but I had to, if I didn’t the little sweet heart would, cause she kept telling me in the car as we drove home that she thought I left her, with unmistakable fear written all over her face even when I tried to joke about it with her, I reassured her that I could never leave her alone.

She thought I left her, and I thought I had my eyes on her, I was so confident that I had everything in control. I was wrong, I wasn’t as on top of things as I imagined. Right under my watchful mother hen wannabe eyes, she disappeared from the group and I had no idea…. I always wondered how mothers could loose their children,  and kind of judged them, now I know it’s that easy.

So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall! 1 Cor 10:12

Isn’t that how we feel sometimes, like we’re all that and more spiritually when we really aren’t all that?
Right under your nose you fall from the high horse of spirituality without you knowing. Standing there, judging the world for being humans living on grace. One day you get up like Sampson and realize your hair has been cut off and you’re powerless after all.
Its time to step down that high horse, because you never know when you find yourself tumbling down and face buried in dirt even when you’re so sure you had a tight grip of the reins of self-righteousness. Humble yourself and you’ll do just fine. Sometimes it takes just a blink to tumble down… and have such a great fall that even after all the king’s men struggle to put you together, you still walk around limping in shame.

“…you stand by faith. Do not be arrogant, but tremble.” Romans 11:20


  1. Hmmm... Very insightful as always..
    Also as I read, I just imagined you watching over your niece as God does over us His children. When we fear that 'Oh my goodness, God's eyes have left me', it's never so! We are the ones that have probably left our 'assigned place'.. But great thing, Even in that, He never loses sight of us! I'm grateful for God's love.

    Thanks for sharing xx


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