Look Before You Scratch...

We went for lunch at some new Buffet place somewhere in V/I, Lagos. I shall not name the place since I was not impressed with the food. I was lost in thought, probably wondering why we didn’t settle for yellow chilli for Sunday lunch instead of the new place when the sight right in front of me jolted me back with a bang!
We sat close to one of the glass walls. It’s got inscriptions on the outside, hence if you stand outside, you wouldn’t see through the writings inside, but if you’re inside and seated, you can see the bottom half of the person standing outside. I’m not sure if you get the picture I’m trying to paint, I found a picture of the restaurant to give you an idea. (but I still don't see what I'm trying to describe in it.. oh well!).

There I was, minding my own business with my thoughts when a well-dressed guy positioned himself against the glass wall outside and proceeded to spend a good number of minutes scratching his butt. That itch must have been such a burden, and that glass wall with the inscriptions on it was a deceitful cover. I can imagine the relief he got when he found a good spot to just chill and dig into his butt and scratch out that frustrating itch as he waited for the other members of his party.

Unfortunately for him, it was as clear as the sun to me and my laughter attracted the other members of my table and we watched that show for as long as it lasted, yuked out and amused at the same time, I mean, I know we have to scratch when it itches but etiquette demands that you don’t tolerate such in public. It was real restraint that stopped me from taking a picture of the poor poor man.  I tried not to stare too hard and laugh some more when he finally walked into the restaurant with a gentlemanly fine boy swag, with the ladies in his party. If only he knew how he entertained us…

Never underestimate the power of being visible. You never know who’s watching even when you feel no one is. Think about that when you’re about doing something less honorable.
As Christians, we’re more visible than we think. Sometimes our lives are the only bible the world sees, it could bring them running in or send them running off and scoffing at the hypocrisy in our fancy dress show of religion.

Whether you realize it or not, people are watching you. Even in small areas, make sure you’re representing God in a great way. Joel Osteen


  1. Lol. I love the way u bring out godly morals from your stories.

  2. Echoing anon's statement above! You really know how to preach without being "preachy"...long time silent reader, had to come out and comment today, your post was succinct and precise.

  3. OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You guys are so wicked for laughing at him!


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