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Recently, there was a story on the blogs about a Nigerian artist who broke ties with his record label, and released a new album as an independent artist… According to people, he’s a pretty good singer, I’ve lost track of the entertainers out there. Anyway his previous label got an injunction against him, stopping him from releasing any work outside the label till after a few years because of the terms of their contract when he was signed on.

You see, sometimes the deal is too sweet, the excitement too deep that we don’t bother reading the small prints in contracts. The juicy details of the deal magnify themselves in our eyes and that’s all that matters. If I was an artist just coming up, no one knows my name, and then a big record label approaches me with all the glitz and benefits of being a signed artist with their reputable company, I’ll be ecstatic and I’ll sign the contracts. Reading through but not really seeing what it states. Maybe he didn’t even get a lawyer to make adjustments; maybe he overlooked certain terms, I wouldn’t know. But the truth is the small print gets you if you don’t deliberately magnify it and meditate on it.
The benefits of the contract of salvation, doesn’t begin in life after death, the reward of heaven and being in the beauty of God’s presence. It isn’t just that. There’s a small print we fail to read like the humans that we are… we forget to, or choose not to read it. I mean how many of us have read the terms and conditions before ticking the box claiming we’ve read it on some of those websites? We sign our names, take out the basic info and go… thus sometimes we end up missing out on benefits of contracts, warranties etc or getting into deep trouble.

You have the right to peace, righteousness, joy, and a happy life…. A beautiful career, satisfaction, wealth…  It is your right, but only yours when you grab at it, and demand it from the treasure room of heaven, meditate on the terms and conditions of the contract in the bible and grab at it. When you live with the anything goes mentality, you miss out.

He says ask… before you call He will answer. You have 24hr security and you can command heavens secret service guarding you… your angels are ALWAYS on guard, and He says nothing shall in anyway harm you… Have you read all that in your bible? Have you meditated on them? Have you held Him up to His promises? If He really is a covenant keeper, then you better start tasking Him to do what He says He will.

Small prints are what the devil, like some of those companies who give sweet deals use to trap you. They tell you you’re getting a brand new ipad ‘absolutely free’, what they don’t tell you is there are hidden charges for certain things… You excitedly sign up, only to hear a different story from their email or telemarketer. I read this advice on some website If you're looking at another kind of iPad giveaway, make sure you check for hidden catches. Many of these so-called "freebies" ask you to sign up for various offers, which can cost you money or jeopardize your privacy. Make sure you know exactly what you're getting into before you start.”
Have you read the small prints? Don’t just sign on before you get on board, read the prints, comb it for any clause that’ll do you in. He’ll give you a wife… but he wouldn’t give you peace and joy in that marriage, it’ll be filled with distrust and all.
He’ll give you wealth, but there’ll be such a clause attached to it.
He’ll give you red velvet cake and take away the cream cheese… what’s red velvet without cream cheese?
But the blessings of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow (Proverbs 10:22). That’s the difference between the blessings from God and the blessings from the devil.

I have seen the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living. (Psalm 27:13) There’s goodness and a glory and such blessings to see here on earth before you die and go to heaven… Read the contract and don’t be ignorant.
 “Jesus Saves!’ The big question is what from? What does ‘saved’ mean? Actually, it means so much it can’t be put in a sentence. Jesus saves all the way through, ‘from the guttermost to the uttermost’. Salvation isn’t just insurance from hellfire and a passport to heaven. It is comprehensive. All sixty-six Bible books are needed to explain it. It has fathomless depths, like all God does. Even children enjoy it and yet it challenges scholarship and inspires new thought every day. This glorious Gospel is the landscape of eternity with intriguing perspectives. Salvation is Jesus and Jesus is salvation.” - Reinhard Bonnke

“We were not saved to go to heaven, but saved to restore the original plan of rulership. We were saved to bring heaven down to earth and make a difference to our world. What we have embedded in us is to be utilized on earth, not made to be taken back to heaven because heaven does not need it.
Stop the surrender lifestyle, aspire for more, go get that job, go start that business and be the standard in your industry. The reason why the economy is corrupt is because the righteous are running instead of staying, standing firm and establishing a government by being the light”. Chapel of uncommon grace.

Have you seen how stiff some Christians are? Living wretched, not willing to try to get out because wretchedness is humble, it’s a Christian thing to do, so they sit judging the world around and those enjoying themselves while they suffer… Well my Christian thing to do is to live a rich and satisfying life. I have chosen to read the small prints and I choose to enjoy every benefit to the fullest. I’m still learning about the terms of the contract, and how to place demands on them.

Its like staying in a luxury hotel and just being in your room all day or going out sight seeing/shopping all day, and on the last day of your stay, you decide to pass the time by browsing through the hotel’s welcome pack that’s been in the room since the day you arrived, and as you read, you discover to your dismay that there’s a complimentary steam room and sauna for you, there’s a complimentary full package treatment and make over at the hotel spa for you and you’re entitled to a free meal at the five star rooftop restaurant every evening of your stay, but its too late, you can’t cramp everything into your last day and you stay hissing because you spent so much on the hotel, and missed out on the benefits that come with it. You kept paying for things that were available to you for free because you didn’t take time out to read the small prints of your welcome package. You realize too late that the joy of staying in that hotel goes beyond it’s brand name and the architectural masterpiece that it is… there’s much more offered for free and you missed out on it.

Grace makes you worthy of heaven; grace qualifies you for heaven on earth. You just have to start making demands on the blessings grace has freely given you. Don’t wait for heaven after death, start enjoying heaven on earth. Read the small prints and don’t get cut short.


  1. Thank you for this, God bless you.

  2. Please keep doing what you do encourage a lot of people everyday.....thank you and God bless u!


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