Dear lost me,

Look where I am now. I got out of that place of blurriness; I got out of the backstreet of pain and insecurity. I got out of that place you left me, thinking I was done for. I stayed still long enough, wrapped up in all the insecurities you threw my way, wanting better, but thinking I wasn’t meant for that good and perfect life. Loving my beauty but being made to believe it was all a curse, a gift that never was worth the pain, destroying myself slowly in my insecurities. Wanting to grasp at the love of Jesus, but feeling unworthy in my filth.

Here I am, far from where you ever thought I would be, living a life that is rich and satisfying in everyway, realizing that the good life is far beyond what you made me believe, what the fairytales I got lost in painted for me. Looking in the mirror and sending a prayer of thanks for the wonderful creature that I am. Realizing that every part of me is a precious gift, made with exquisite care and not a curse. I am royalty, a princess so precious in the eyes of the King of all kings, and His mind is full of me. I am His precious gift to the world.  The world has been waiting for me, groaning for me to manifest my purpose, and I’m ready to satisfy its cry.

I’m finally able to rise above myself and see me in the eyes of God, as I lay in His arms of love. A love that found me, washed me, and restored me, making me perfect in all my imperfections.
I don’t hate you… I don’t resent you.  If I were never lost, I would never know the joy of being found. If you didn’t take me to that lonely alley, I’m not sure I would have been able to understand this grace that I receive, and the love and redemption of one so pure and holy. The depth you threw me in was just a springboard for a higher height of glory. I would never have come this far if I was never taken back so far. Today I stand as an emancipated woman, as I lift my hands in praise… look how much I’ve changed from who I once was, brought out of darkness into His marvelous light.

Yours Truly
Redeemed me.

Sarah Jakes started a campaign for the release of her new book Lost & Found: Finding HOPE in the Detours of Life. She’s encouraged people to send in their Lost me letters. Reading different stories on lost and found has shown me you can’t be too lost to be found, too broken to be fixed, too dead to live. What’s your story?  There’s always hope in the detours of your life.


  1. There is.. God crafts beautiful stories out of what could have been termed the 'end of the road'.. Thank God for Redeemed you! xx


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