Pig Today, Bacon Tomorrow...

I saw a pig and I was disgusted (I’m always disgusted when I see pigs)… I saw bacon and my heart leaped with glee. Lesson? Don’t write people off, you never know how yummy their finished product is.
God is still working.

The moment of rejection of the pig was just a process. It was going through life hated and rejected. It lived through it knowing it had a greater purpose. It had to die to be enjoyed. Whatever anyone’s going through right now, it’s to serve his greater purpose. Of course we aren’t going to kill you and eat your ribs or make bacon out of you…. But I’m sure you’ll serve a nice dish to the world with your purpose, outside the struggle of not being accepted and being looked down on, this phase would die as you birth that which you were created for and be a blessing to the world.

Be careful whom you turn your nose up on. They could be a pig today, but I bet ya, they’ll be bacon tomorrow… and you’ll be in the dog house salivating, because the bacon is so enticing, but you’ve judged it so harshly, it’ll be a shame for you to come eating.
“Don’t judge me from where I start, judge me by where I finish!” Bishop T. D Jakes
(Peppa Pig is the best pig in the world and I love her. Anyone who uses her for bacon has me to deal with... she's just the cutest little british accent speaking sweetheart. I'll never turn my nose up at Peppa, I'll give her kisses and read her bed time stories if given the chance :))


  1. ... And after reading her bedtime stories, I will show up with a knife and some barbecue sauce. :D *dreaming of baby back ribs*

    Okay, we'll let Peppa live for another day.

    Seriously though, that's some food for thought: don't fight the process. The rewards will blow your mind.

  2. lol@Peppa Pig.
    As RB said, serious food for thought. It's easy to look down at the beginning of others and even ourselves, forgetting that it's not where we are now that matters as much as we we end up..


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