Dear Diary...

I show up, poised; almost always with my manners in check. But today… today, after a night out in London, one of the many musicians you come across on the London underground played the keyboard and sang so beautifully.

I was going to walk away, but my nine year old niece Mimi, who’s one of the most compassionate little girls I know, stopped to get some money out of her pocket to drop in the talented lady’s plate, as she did that, I literally stopped to smell the flowers… or more like listen to the music and my heart soared. I didn’t pay any mind to the oxford circus crowd walking past, I grabbed my other niece Gabs and we danced an exagerated waltz, and I felt so free and happy as she twirled me around.
I would have loved for one of our party to record it, but we didn’t do it for the gram… it’s a memory smiling ever so brightly in my heart.

Sometimes we need to forget everything; the people walking past who may stare, and live in the moment. Maybe just maybe, that’s the little crack that lets in the air and ray of sunlight needed to air dry all the dampness in your life. God loves you… loosen up and live a little.

Dear diary, I had a good evening. I danced in the subway like no one was watching… and I loved it.


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