New Yam...


New yam festival is celebrated by different cultures. It signifies the conclusion of a harvest and the beginning of the new farm cycle. I've attended a couple of new yam festivals when I was younger. Family friends who weren't partaking in the village celebration would cook at home and invite us over. It was fun.

I am a fan of yam! I could eat yam all day, all week.
But new yam? Not my piece of cake.
It is unpleasant to me... not for frying, not for boiling, roasting, not even when pounded.
The new isn’t always what we want to embrace. It is expected, necessary, hoped for... but not always comfortable. It takes an adjusting into process to get you to embrace it and thrive in it.
It’s not as ‘sweet’ as we want it to be. So we long for the old again, the familiar... “the good old days” forgetting that the old is now too dry and too hard to eat.
But with time the lines fall in pleasant places and we begin to enjoy it fried, boiled, pounded, roasted... especially the ‘gbangu’ variety. (ahhhhhh gbangu!!! If you know you know 😄)

New seasons sometimes feel uncomfortable because we have to adjust. Sometimes people see blessings as problems because there is a stretching required that is sometimes... most times painful, far away from our comfort zone and they are not willing to make the necessary adjustments.
Going back is not an option... the old may once have been sweet, but it’s dried up now and shriveled, with half of it too bad to eat. It’s time to move and adjust to the room you have made space for.

Be patient!

God has brought you into a wealthy place.

It takes patience to begin to enjoy the new. Many have unknowingly thrown in the towel and given up just as they stepped into the door of their breakthrough because it felt so hard to cope... they couldn’t stand the process of enlargement of heart to accommodate the new.

Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; spare not; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes,

For you will spread abroad to the right hand and to the left; and your offspring will possess the nations and make the desolate cities to be inhabited.
( Isiah 54:2-3)

Stretching can be hard, but once you're stretched, you cant go back to size... so bare the pain of expansion, for the joy set before you is everything... it is worth the discomfort of the now.

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Speaking is uncomfortable for me... Whenever I receive an invitation, I want to bolt... run, turn it down... sometimes i succeed, but now, I am learning to accept and stretch whenever I’m called, to fill the enlarged space of my dwelling... it’s painful, sometimes my mouth feels dry and I feel I have my words all muddled up... but the more I accept, the more I fill the space. Embrace this new.... it’ll soon be crunchy and delicious to eat. What’s your new yam?

“Give your faith time to produce” Prophet Moyo.


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