Zebra Crossing...

The supernatural happens in seemingly ordinary ways most times in our lives, so much that we easily toss it aside and think our clever brought us to where we are. Or a coincidence happened to make us cross paths with helpers/investors etc. Time and chance happens. Even deliberate steps we take are most times orchestrated by Gods blessings on us to do us good.

The supernatural is that call that says “you just crossed my mind when this project came up”... don’t be smug about it, what if there was no zebra crossing at the moment and you couldn’t cross his mind the moment he needed you there? More qualified people could have been called.

What if you never spilled your coffee on your dress and had to change to the other one you sewed yourself? And then when you stepped out that influential person saw you and placed an order?

What if you didn’t decide to give yourself a treat for your birthday? Have a solo dinner by yourself cos you couldn’t afford to take a friend along... will that stranger have struck a convo? Would you be planning this now?

What if you never wrote that book? Would it ever have gotten into the hands of that major producer turning it into a screen play and paying you $$$? You think it’s just your brilliance? Have you met talented writers and seen the struggle? 

The miraculous are God’s approved zebra crossings spread out across the fast paced roads of life, causing people to willingly or unwillingly stop, to allow you passage to the other side of your prayers/desires. 
Zebra crossings are those Prophetic words spoken over us... they thrust us forward and sop the traffic so we can cross safely to fulfillment! 

Zebra crossings are Pockets of Gods marvelous kindness we experience in a strong city! 

At Zebra crossings, once you stand on the kerb, the law requires every car to stop because you have the right of way, if they refuse to, you’re required to carefully put one foot on the crossing... showing the right of way is legally yours. (Disclaimer
: don’t try this in Nigeria please :D) 
Miracles defiles it all, once it is at work, even when situations seem to be spinning around you, you take the step of faith and walk towards your desires, don’t back down in the face of raging storms... the law requires everything to pause and bring to fruition your healing, promotion etc. if you don’t forcefully advanced you will be at your crossing and stand there waiting forever... put your foot on the crossing and move! Start making plans that aligns with your desires and the words you’ve received. 
I have easy passage in life even in the face of difficulties because of the zebra crossings in my life: prophetic words. Workings of miracles. The word of God. Prayers. Consciousness of the love of God. It's a cycle of favor, honer and good will with men. If I didn't, I'd be far from where I am today.

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