cartoon networking....

from the dsperate antics of tom, to the hilarious macho man pick up lines of johnny bravo 'hey foxy mama, you wanna smell me? hoha' to the undisputed fact that tweety really did 'taw a puddy tat' cartoon rocks my world. a lesson or two is always learnt, like from Johny, that not all hunky men are that bright, and if i was a boy i'm sure i'd learn never to use those corky lines in picking up ladies, and from tweety when he said 'Wike I said before: Once a bad ol' putty tat, always a bad ol' putty tat', and tom and jerry just teaches to know when to stop.but winnie the pooh, the cute yellow honey licking cuddly bear is a timeless toon.

i certainly am not going crazy, just got back from a long weekend with mom and i got looking at a carton of my old stuff in my room, found a little book i used to write in and saw a couple of quotes i scribled down when this charaters made me laugh and made me think at the same time.
as dim wit and little as this winnies brain seemed, my pooh was wiser in a much larger way.
i was inspired by this episode(cant remember which) when pooh asked owl to write a 'happy birthday' on the present he was giving em...whats his face? tigre?em eeroye?i forget for his birthday. poohs reason for giving this task to owl was in his words 'my spelling is wobbly, its good spelling but it wobbles and the letters all get in the wrong places'.
i'd say spellings ending up in the wrong places is bad spelling, but sweet pooh believed in himself so much and to him his spelling was good.

thats taught me that instead of getting down on myself for not being perfect, i should appreciate what i can do, think winnie the pooh is my new slogan for self(well till if forget i've made it one)
i may not speak french like i want to, not even a quarter of it, but i can say some lovely words(and maybe insults, afterall who cares what i'm saying yeah?)
i may not have the angelina jolie type lips(whats so special 'bout it anyway) but i sure do kiss good. i'm sure my future husband would attest to that:)
i may not know the sweet lyrics to say in prayers and get it right like kimpossible, but i do pray in my own way(which is still good, cos i've got prayers answered)
i may not have the tiniest waist, but i sure know how to work it.
i may not sing like the best of em', say olamild or drop rhymes like the DoG but i sure sing and rap goooooooood in my bathroom
i may not have a perfecto stunning blog
with lots of brain cracking talks and philosophical thoughts like carl,(even pooh says 'its more fun to talk to someone who doesnt use long difficult words but rather short easy words like 'what about lunch'...carl darl dont get me wrong, i love ur blog. so 'what about lunch')
or one with words so beautifully played out like queen of my castle or atutu(afterall pooh says 'you cant help respecting everyone who can spell tuesday, even if he doesnt spell it right, but spelling isnt everything, there are days when spelling Tuesday just doest count')
or be so flirty like unnaked
or be a celebrity blogger like afrobabe and',or load all those nasty pix that just drives people mad like one of the above mentioned stars...
or have all the answers or some of em' to those everyday issues we face like my man JT
or.....or....i could go on
but i sure do write 'tuesday' well, and i love my blog and those people who i see as my jolly good blog family members.

couldnt resist sharing this wonderful johny bravo moment with u guys
(johny looks in the mirror)'whos this handsome guy?'
(grabs a phone)'hello, 911 emergency? theres a handsome guy in my bathroom!...hey, wait a second, cancel that...its only me'


  1. LMAO @ the Johnny Bravo moment. I love that show; he's so corny. LOL

    Awwwww, this was such a sweet post. It's so cute, flirty, well versed, mind tingling, and blog-celeb worthy. ;-)

  2. one question though: who told u u r not a blog celebrity?
    you took me waaay back with those cartoons, not like the messed up ones kids watch nowadays...

  3. LAWL Johnny Bravo, I remember that cartoon now. That a guy was a whoose with his momma, momma's boy.

    Love the post and I second Bumight you are a celebrity in your own right.

  4. I mean Johnny Bravoo was a whoose with his momma

  5. Come you are a blog celebrity oh..and everything that comes from you is a delight to read...

    Afrobabe page is something else.. i reckon its that spice you sent to her..

  6. mpossible, I was here just now...highly unfair oh...but let me go and read...

  7. whhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat....Ok what did afrobabe do? I was jejely eating my meat and suya spice, stalking ur blog, smiling at the cartoons and all of a sudden I am mentioned...doing something naughty as usual...see wahala oh....

    Fantasy...hmmm..she can kiss....want my brother's number?

  8. CARTOON NETWORK!!! i remember days my baby bro would drag me out of my room to watch cartoons wiv him and he sits on my back watching dexters lab, cow n chicken or billy and mandy while i catch up on my my doze on d floor...
    gud times :D

  9. hey QOMC don't you dare speak of the great Johnn Bravo in that that dude. Thank FQ
    for reminding me of those lil guys
    that used to crack me up...u know who I loved loved loved? remember Animaniacs, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot,
    Pinky and the Brain
    Skippy Squirrel, Goodfeathers
    Slappy Squirrel
    and my fav Mr Bottons and Mindy
    well ok love u bye

  10. Love the mood of this post.

    Me...Blog celeb ke??
    That should be afro and castle queen...and you too!

    Lol! Okay let me accept with modesty and say thanks.

  11. you are a correct chic i swear. So you watch cartoons too? cool! Jhny Bravo is the most stupidest (if there is a word like that) character ever.

  12. Yes, all we can do is aspire to the best whoever we are.

    I love cartoons. I used to watch them all the time until I had kids of my own who do all the watching. lol

  13. QMC...ahhh, i'm melting with the compliment...thanks. and yeah, we just cant help but love johny yeah?

    bumight...tell me about it, what are the kids watching this days?
    ahem to ur question.

    30+...yeah right, when i step into blogsville i've got the paparazzi all over, u say things and they come to pass, now u say i'm a celeb, oh men...
    thanks girl.
    and that spice i agree is messing afrobabes head...but wait a minute she was that bad before i sent it to her...

    afrobabe..send his number sista...check this out, we'll fall in love and we'll get married and be family at least that way i wouldnt have to deal with any yeye sis in law.

    nameless poetic...
    how could u sleep in the middle of dexters lab? i just love the short guy.

    anonymous girl...
    now dont be tripping for him, u cant be that desperate for a vals date eh?.lol

    DoG..u loving bravo too? hope u dont use non of his corky pick up
    how could i forget em anumaniacs, pinky and the brain...oh mi gosh those are some classics

    princessa...good, enough denying ma'am. i see the paparazi and fans stalking u all the time.ll

    johny sweet johny. uhmmmm, that body girl, that body....

    the better for u, now u have an excuse to comfortably watch em without given excuses.

  14. lol @ yeye sis in law...

    I still watch Pinky and the stick mostly to the shrek,mulan,finding nimo, mulan,cinderella,mulan,sleeping beauty,mulan,snow white mulan...too many...just love mulan..

  15. lol. trust me, when you get yanked out of sleep first thing in the morning after a night of studio sessions..ul sleep through "didi!!! get awaaaaaaaay from my laboratory!!!" anyday!

  16. afrobabe, tou're doing the 'big dawgs' of carton world, all em' disney movies. i used to live and breath cinderella, wish my sisters were wicked so i could imagine em as my step sisters and my brother as the prince who came to rescue me(yes i had tendencies of incest when it came to my brother)...

    nameless sexy as didi was with her long long
    studio sessions? u making music or what?

  17. what?????????

    Totally speechless...

    Now I am pitying your sis in law (Me)...

    Competing for husband's attention with sis in law...wondering why she is wearing nicer tops than me...

    Got to get you married off sharpish...

  18. bring it on me alot of stress of searching. have u found him?

  19. ethics from the jetsons? i never really followed it, wonder why.
    its great that desite all the goofness of cartons we get to learn from it.

  20. I've been hooked on cartoons since "space ghost" can anybody remember that?

  21. still hooked on cartoons.

    nice post.

  22. What a cute post.
    I have to admit every now and again cartoons catch my attention and they put me in a daze.

    I'm there for hours looking, laughing , and enjoying.

  23. O sweets I love ur blog too and ur a celebrity blogger to me, at least you've got our male bloggers do..........k let me stop there b4 I put some peeps in trouble.
    Did u ask what's special about Angelina Jolie's lips? Hehehehe someone drank 5 bottles of haterade lol.

  24. lol..didi n her sexy legs? nahhhh...i wouldnt have put her on my list of cartoon crushes..shes too much like my baby sister...

    yeh, i make music...

  25. Awwwww. How cool. Girl you are cool like that and you do have a very unique style. I thoroughly enjoyed this entry. And you definitely are a celebrity blogger as well!

  26. Psk psk(whisper)...check 'letting out' update.

  27. The Coyote taught me to be resilient.

    It's all about bouncing back and going for it again even if you don't get it.

  28. miss hotbody..spaceghost...omg, thats like some really old stuff. same the dvd recently and was so fliped out.

    sherri...thanks. cartoons good for our sanity. keep watching, well except when it comes to family guy, thats an insane cartoon.

    k.victoria...awww, thanks.
    what can we say for the laughter and enjoyment it brings our way...bless cartoons.

  29. 31 comments already? See i told you are a blog celebrity... Maybe i should just quit my job and start prophesying... Isn’t that a full time job in Niaja now?

  30. dont be too hard on yourself, and the side of the cartoon netwok i have seen is on the inside, 5 and 6 hr days, when my son yse to introduce the cartoons

  31. what you mean some of them

    i got all the answers baby right here

    i loved this entry (not because it had my name in it) it was real cute

    you are so cute i can't even stand it lol

    you are as cute as an english button lol

  32. i'm curious about the male bloogers.
    and hey, no hating on jolie here, just wondering? ok maybe hating a lil' and i promise u twas just a doze of the hatred, 5 bottles would see some mad crazy stuff written. lol

    nameless poetic...OMG, now someones comparing annoying didi with an irritating high pitched voice to his sister...
    u make, maybe someday we'd get to hear what u've got yeah?

    naija chikito...thanks girl...i'm begining to feel like one mad celeb from the way u guys tell me i am...lights camera action please.

    oh dear princessa, u're such a darline...i made it.yayyyy! could i not mention the coyote, true about that. i mean if we as humans had the will like that poor thing we would achieve lots.

    allied...come on down girl, i'll get a boot for u by good ol' bar bitch, and maybe i'll use my lunch break to work as ur bell'

    torrance sure u enjoy it yeah?

  33. JT...i'm grinning like a chester cat here...
    now i'm blushing, so shy i could hardly look in the screen.
    maybe i'll be coming down for those

  34. Some cartoon fever going on here!Great! I love cartoons. I'd watch them even when I am 80.
    Sometimes I wish Johnny Bravo will just settle down with the right woman for him!He's a sweet stupid man inspite of all his ho ha antics.
    Have a great weekend!

  35. ejura sweet heart, where in heavens sake have u been? is ur blog back on? abi u're still phantoming about.

  36. lol @ phantoming about! My blog is still undergoing reconstruction. Truth is i may have to start over. The other truth is that right now i haven't got the energy to.
    The third truth is I am enjoying sitting backs and visiting my fav blogouts every now and then.
    Now i feel like watching the phantom of the opera!

  37. I think JT has a blog crush on our dear fair Fantasy Queen. Awwwww, how cute.

  38. fair. *sulking here*

    QMC..oh u did not just say that! and i'm sure i didnt hear

  39. I am still looking for to sort out Afro fast...mumsy just called again!!!

  40. i love johnny bravo!!!nice blog..we have d same template!lol

  41. ur brothers kepper ehmm, more like ur sisters keeper eh? u need to supply my way b4 finding urs...give and it shall be given unto u. use this logic for momsie. we're like blog sisters, this is so freaking but who was born first?

  42. aww i love love love this posttt!!!
    its so great that you can get so much out of cartoons. people like me just watch em for the laughs. i love this post!

  43. lol. mayyybeeeee...:P

  44. okay... i never watched cartoons, we were too broke we could not afford cable tv, but then i remeber how i used to go sit in my friends house and watch tom and jerry...

    oh well i think i remember voltron and thunderbirds...

    awwwwwwwwww, now i am so sad

  45. hey....
    What happened to the other posts.
    Bring em back....

    Happy Valentine dear.
    My place or yours?


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