sod cupid!

took down the post i had up...made me sound like i was pathetic girl lacking love and in denial big time which of course i claim not to be...i turned down dates didnt i? so its not like i'm a loser who cant get a date...ok, now i'm making excuses.
whatever i'm having a blast today...self love rocks my world...well and my pocket too, but who cares as long as its rocking yeah.

freaksho (follow the link to read the comments)made us write some roses are red kind of thingy on his blog, it was fun reading all the crazy things we wrote there.
but ozaveshes sure rocked my world, it goes like this...freaksho so sorry but i've got to steal this from yours. sue me, i dont
it goes like this...

The roses are dead
the violets are too
(its happening to all the flowers
that Cupid once grew)...

not surprising it was picked as the fave.
so whats the dude trying to say? cupid is a yahozeeeeeee, 419ner, a con artist..whatever, just that we cant completely trust the arrows he sends flying around.

have a happy vals day y'all.


  1. Have a good one too. Remember self love is not a bad thing. You can never get pregnant or STDs that way :-)!

  2. Happy vals day dear!

    You say cupid is a 419ner?! still hoping o!lol!

  3. i LOVE dis post! Happy Vs day 2 u too! lmao

  4. Just like naapali typed, self love isn't bad. Have fun today and anytime u can, possibly always.

  5. comeon bring back my commenton the last post...u no serious...

    cupid is alive and about to shoot an arrow my way...he can die after that....

    Happy vals love.

  6. is it because i said I want ur red dress that u took down that post ehn?
    so its true that cupid is a yahooze? i've always wondered why he traded his wings for a hummer...

  7. u can shoot me with an arrow, AND HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO U SISTA

  8. Goood heavens!

    didnt know Cupid had so many advocates in blogsville.
    personally i think we ought to do away with him. judging from my last experience, his aim is rather rusty. and these days he shoots to kill

  9. Goood heavens!

    didnt know Cupid had so many advocates in blogsville.
    personally i think we ought to do away with him. judging from my last experience, his aim is rather rusty. and these days he shoots to kill

  10. Fantasy queen u took down that post cos i was 1st and that's so not's all good.

    Happy vals day.

  11. How can you say that about me?! I feel so bad! The only arrow i shot that didn't go quite well was that of Juliet and Romeo.Other than that I have a very impressive arrow resume.
    ozaveshe is going to get it!

    Hi fq, my new blog home: or you can just click on the user name on my comment. Takia!

  12. at u, its the perfect thing, except as i got out of my clothes and stood in front of the mirror ready to take off my red lacey undies, feeling sexy and hot as fire...i almost screamed 'sod self love', no ones going to see this?

    princesa...sweetie, all hope is not lost, some yahozee somehow turn legit, thus we can hope for the best yeah...
    one day he'd when hes trying to aim for the butt like he loves to, it might just very well hit the heart.

    1stpet2vs9...thanks droping in.

    rinsola...i will, cos thats the key to satisfaction yeah?

    afrobabe...oh my goodness, u're such a...(wats the word i was going to use?) u're many things babe...and em...wicked, what happens to the rest of us after u get urs and he dies?

    bumight...u got me there. i looked at the red dresses, i looked at the post and i knew i couldnt wouldnt let go of those dreams, dreams...*sigh* thus wiping the comments would wipee off the record of u asking and guilt of not being able to give..

    thats a new one, he traded his wings for a hummer?.lol

    torrance...gladly. hope ur day was good, any love left to throw my way?

    ozav...OMG, u must've got it bad. where did the lil' man hit with his rusty aim? no wonder u walk funny. lol

    DL, untill u share that 1st jazz with me, i'll continue trying to counter attack u.

    loads of love sugar.

    solomon...i did, hope u did too, and i'm sure u were basking in love with ur lil' men and lady

    ejura...yipeee u're back, is this for real? abi another phantom attack.
    lol' at ur cupiding kills(if ever there was a word like that)
    please do something about ozav, he might personally kill cupid(and thats u yeah) if he doesnt get it good.

  13. how come since i got hooked on the gymglass heroes 'cupid's chokehold' music video my visions of cupid is now of a lil' black boy with curly hair doing the ehmmm...(wats the dance called?) shoot, i forget.

  14. valentines day does put a lot of pressure on us

    if you are not in a serious relationship i recommend not going on a date for valentines day because it's too much pressure on the man and the woman and if they don't get things perfectly right they both feel like failures

    but i'm sure you'll have a valentine real soon

    there should be a forcefield of guys around you whenever you step outside the door

  15. my dear, just do ur best to have good fun always, not just on somedays, be happy while waiting for God to bring yours for i know he surely will


    afrobabes, u are too funny,''

  16. wats up madam, wats going on with you

  17. you are right jare! cupid is a 419.. self love all the least there is a limit to which you can disapoint yourself..but fantasy queen make i talk true, you 2 fine to they do self love oh! leave am 4 people like

  18. Hope your valentine's day was alright?

  19. Its amazing that there are so many self loving chics out there. Damn! A lot of my friends too are deniably self loving. looking for true love. How come y'all never meet?

  20. anonymous girl...we were supposed to spend the day together, remember?

    JT...forcefield yeah? except not everyone of em is well armoured.
    thats the problem, everyone looks at me like i'm silly for not dating anyone. but i want somethng real, not just fun for the momnet. silly i guess, but i'm just programmed to think that way.

    ms emmotion...afro is hilarous yeah?
    and i sure aint worrying myself...well sort of. after all when its time for that guy to come my way, he'll need lil less than a shove.

    anuboy...i'm aight dude.

    sasuke...awww thanks man, now i'm blushing. well sort of blushing. nice meetin u too.

    naija chikito...a very quite dinner with a very mutual friend as in no strings whatsoever attached....i guess they though i was pathetic for choosing to stay home alone.

    tobenna...yeah, how come we've never met.
    tell u what, give me a regular hangout and we'll definately meet. lol

  21. LMAO @ Naapali's comment

    I am starting to believe that self love is the best love, then again what the hell do we really know about love anyway? LOL

    Glad you had a great vals day, luv

  22. Don't be surprised when I take you up on that :P

  23. how come anon gal is wishing u happy birthday?

  24. never mind, with a lil bit of research, I've discovered its a false alarm!

  25. oh queen...i just read ur post and i understand where u're coming from...self love really rocks but
    sometimes it actually leads to hurt.
    lets be easy on that yeah? but then what do we really know about love eh?

    tobenna...i wouldnt, shouldnt, and cant...well basically what i'm trying to say is..bring it on.

    bumight...u're going FBI on us yeah...she probably was trying to say vals day.

  26. amazing the number and intensity of reactions to the suggestion of self love naapali. apparently many lady bloggers feel strongly about the subject. i'm sure i can contribute in some way to the discourse. though i'm a cunninglinguist, i'm also a masterdebater...

  27. We all get like that sometimes babe, so you're not pathetic. If we can't pour out our hearts expressing our exact feelings, then we are not real.

    I wish i saw the post but then again, that's my luck.

    Neways sweet, here's the biggest hug ever from me to you. Missed ya loads.


  28. ozaveshe...debate on o great debater...something's got me thinkn u might be more pros for self

    cally...sweety, i've missed u, u went MIA in my fair.
    thanks for the hug...

  29. Cupid?
    Yeah i know the guy. About 6 ft tall when he wears his 5ft high heels.

    How are you dear?

    Self love huh?
    Not sure you want to go down that road. I've given it a spin and it's turning out to be very addictive.

    Say what happened Valentine eve?
    I waited all evening at the diner!

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Does breakfast in bed,
    Sound like a great idea too?

  30. carl...u waited? i'm sure we must have communicated in spirit on the date and time...except my spirit was so low i didnt get to hear from urs.

    how do u know cupid wears heels, u been in close contact lately?

    breakfast in bed sounds great...only this time i hope our spirits get to agree on the time and place.

  31. would selflove by any chance mean masturbation?
    just checking:)


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