7 years ago....2 memorials and a celebration.

its that day again...trying to figure out what it is i was doing on this day seven years ago..its kind of blurry and all, i remember not knowing anything significant had happened in the world across the Atlantic, i was out all day with my friends and all we watched on tv was the booty shaking music videos on MTV and Channel O...and as i got home, late for lunch as usual, there was this solemn look on moms face as she told me what happened, there was a terrorist attack in the US, the twin towers had been attacked and a couple of jetliners were hijacked...CNN was on and the image kept replaying as reporters filled us in...i was devastated, i was scared...well, those are understatements, i kept shaking inside me with fear, fear that my family across the states were hurt(thankGod they were safe), fear that this was going to mark a beginning of new sets of uncertainties....i kept thinking 'terrorist attack in the U.S of A?, if that can happen there, the safest place in my small opinion on earth(then), then who in any country is safe?...

not we here in Nigeria without all of the fancy and intimidating names of FBI and CIA and co...but then, after the heart break and the crying, we've lived on, we've reminisced, we've wondered how it went wrong, we've been scared out of our skin with little uncertainties and misjudgments and unfair harassment of young arabs carrying rucksacks..
then there was the war which kept me up all night, because i kept wondering about those young beautiful and brave people away from their families,fighting and living in a world of 'maybe', not knowing if they're going to survive the whole process....but all in all we've survived it all, and somehow the world and the families have moved on,even though the twin towers crashed in the united states, it crashed all over the world, because the whole world was affected one way or the other....friends of friends families were affected.

seven years later, we think back and wonder where we are, where we are headed, but sort of soothed out...its terrible, but i'm thankful we've moved on, we've healed and we can talk about that day without crying as much. we can talk about newyork and all its shopping bliss without a sad sigh. somehow, THE SUN HAS COME UP AGAIN....and through the whole cloudy, smoky, choky and dark days of the years past, we've been let in the sunlight, a brighter day...God bless America....God bless the world.
and God bless Rita and her family who lost her dad 15 years ago today.
i read her post today and theres so much to be learned from her and all shes been through

P.S.... on a lighter note, carlang's been busy while away from blogsville. there i was reading an article in the latest edition of genevive magazine, i thought the style looked familiar, and then i finish reading and who's name do i see....carlang.
twas a really good write up, then, its carl, so what do you expect? 'the trick to writing is to write'
that was an inspiring piece, although his statement of 'i was born in the magical times' made me see my dad saying 'in my time, back in the day' lol
i've staked my claim 'i know him' why, just a few weeks ago he asked me to be his best friend, i didnt even beg him.lol
heres a toast to you man.
i'm exicited for you. who knows, you might be to genevive what segun johnson is to true love.


  1. Thank you...Amen...I did not cry when I read my post, I am crying now I'm reading your post...

    When the attack happened to USA, I felt the world had entered chaos becos they seemed untouchable. I felt we were no more safe. Things haven't changed much since then.

    The years have gone by, there has been healing, and lives going on, and the sun has come up...that's what matters now.

    Thank you and Amen, once again

  2. Those attacks signaled a new era...an era of fear..and mistrust..but they didn't win though cos we came up stronger than ever..

    Carlang in a mag??? haaaaaaa very cool, ultra cool...was his name carlang or the other name?..lol

  3. rita...thankyou too, you've touched me too in more ways than i can say.

    his name was carlang in the mag. not the other one.
    curiousity kills the cat o. you must not know the other one before you babynap him.

  4. wow. I'll never forget that day too. i was the only one at home, and my mum and sis came in and interrupted my Ally Mcbeal so they could watch it on CNN. I honestly couldnt care less during that hour because all I could think of was how i was missing ALLY!!!!

    Later on though,I saw what all the fuss was about. It was weird. I remember at one point thinking, this is it. If they're going to be bombing America, its all over.

    But i can tell people have recovered a lot from it. It wasn't the first thing I saw on the news today and that's good to know. They're finally able to move on, no?

  5. I sat watching it at work and thinking it was some joke ...

    So 'OUR' Carl is now a celebrity eh.

  6. may the souls of all those who lost their lives in the 9/11 disaster rest in perfect peace, amen.

    congrats to carlang.

  7. Carl a celebrity????????


    911...sad it happened
    glad the sun is shining again

    we pray never again.........

  8. good post queenie

    you know at that time a large percentage of the population of new york thought that was inside job orchastarted by the government

    right after that happened the us government wrote and passed a bill called the patriot act where the government can tap your phone and accuse you of being a terrorist if they want to

    i dont know if it was an inside job but the us government definately gained a lot of power due to that incident

    its scarry

    im going to move to nigeria just to be safe

    can i stay with you queenie lol

  9. (/11 was a horrible day. We couldn't find my godfather's son who was meant to be at the courthouse in downtown by the WTC. I actually used to work right by the WTC in NYC law department and used to be sent as a college student to go deliver docs to the feds and other offices in the WTC. I used to shop at the Strawberry store in the basement.

    On that day, I awoke and refused to turn on he tv because I didn't want to hear any bad news which is always on. I turned on my radio only to get the worst news ever. Living in DC, we had our phones tapped (it was obvious, and I lived blocks from the White House), we had military plans flying over our rooftop and my friends were right by the pentagon when it got hit.

    Somehow, 7 years later, I am not as anxious as I was in 2001. I will honestly admit that I didn't allow myself to think too much about what today represents. I had to be strong for my kids and everyone else. But, as I sit here alone, I remember the terror I felt on that day and the sorrow that invaded my head for a long time. I remember the pain I felt for the families of the victim.

    May God bless America and forgive those who caused so much heartache. May God bless us all and keep us.

    Take care and congrats to Carlang!


  10. I cant believe it's been so long.
    The memories are still so painfully clear.

    The 11th taught me a valuable lesson about man.

    Where unspeakably evil persists incredible good rears it's head.
    I seethed at the men responsible for the hijacking.
    And marveled at the acts of selfless heroism from those rushing to help the injured.

    Thanks for sharing your moments with us.

    Thanks for the compliment.

    Lol @ Segun Johnson?
    That would mean i have to put some form of picture.
    Fat chance that!

  11. cant believe it's been 7 years! wow

    i can imagine there are families out there that grieve every 9/11...

    and yea Carl is a celeb now, that's his second article by the way.

    i think he's better than Segun Johnson

  12. I agree with Afrobabe 9/11/01 started an era of fear. It's real interesting how many many people live now. Paranoia is the order of the day. No one trust anyone anymore, and many believe they're not wrong for doing so. It's scary, but thank God for preservation.
    God be with the people who were affected

  13. aww... i might actually buy the mag jus because!
    and btw, how was the book club thing? i'd hoped to go for the bloggers thing and then it was too late and i missed out on both.

  14. FQ: You have received a blogville award. Please check my blog for details...


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