he's black hes white,,,it dont matter if hes black or white!

michael is one hell of a sweetheart. No i wasnt the one who had the heart wrenching crush on him, cut his pictures out and placed in a shrine like photo album of him, or dream of getting married to him...na, i wasnt that crazy over micheal like the sister most household seems to have. i was/am in love with him alright, but i never saw myself kissing him or having his babies, okay fine, maybe, the '10 yr old i want u back video kept me drifting, he was little in it and i was tiny then, so go figure, the romantic liason would have been him coming over to play doll house with me...these days i look back at the thriller videos and i'm taken back to those beautiful days of waiting to watch tv just so we could slot in a michael video tape and watch him dance, and i cant help but trip all over again for the person he was.

after his cover page appearance on ebony sometime last year, i fell head over heels in non lustful love with him again. i forgot about how messed up his life seem to be with the face and all the scandal, i just drifted off to his 'oh baby give me one more chance' and how cute he was then, his smile, his energy on stage, i watched over and over again clips of him performing and was amazed at the impact he had on those people, jumping and screaming and crying and fainting and just so in total awe, i wondered how anyone would cry just for a persons performance...well i dont really wonder cos i also get so spirit lifted when i watch him on stage too, theres just something gripping about michael.
so what if he's a lil messed up
so what if hes white now? it dont matter if his black or white
so what if his bad? a smooth criminal?
sometimes when i judge him for all those accusations that he possible didnt do, i cant help but wonder what he sees when he looks in the mirror? a guilty person whos lost so much in life? or just a normal person?does he look in the mirror at all?
are we, the fans part of the hammer thats broken him?(not like he didnt get himself broken before we arrived the scene)

on one of kat williams stand up comedy shows, he said stuff of not been deceived by micheal. hes black, how come his kids are all white? got me thinking too...are his genes supposed to change when he has a 'skin problem'? but who am i to judge, if a 'black guy' has white babies, what do we know?
but seriously he seems gay, doesnt he? not like...well maybe i'm judging, maybe i'm been stereotypically but he talks, walks , smiles and dresses gay, what am i not to think of. theres this prank call i saw on youtube, you just have to listen to it.

my ipods been on repeat all weekend, my micheal playlist of every song hes possibly ever done/released from childhood to date keeps playing, a dozen of them sound unfamiliar, but i just grasp his voice and let it do what it does to me..lol

i love michael and i'm not ashamed to say it.( i wonder why i still got to love him, he didnt even send me a card for my birthday) since we're confessing i might as well confess that i still dance to spice girls very first songs...spice up your life and oh, yes i've got a mickey mouse disney world all stars(ie donald duck , tazan et co)stored on my pod and er..(okay i'll keep this one to myself...damn thats some hot shit, i aint spilling.

i had to post this video here, most of you would have seen it, some jail somehwere having a ball with micheal. good to know people locked up have something to live for.lol


  1. i love him too! i honestly think he's just misunderstood. like a troubled young teenager..
    and apparently black people have some dna thing in them whereby they can have kids of any race as long as one parent/ancestor was of that race. or so i hear. i mean, i know black people who have blue, grey and green eyes.
    so he's white now, it's all good! he's still really talented.

  2. i think istopd loving him d minute he turned white, i dont kno, he just seems so sickly white... still drool oversome of his songs tho

  3. i ve always luved him ...yep black or white'

    *fine kofaa how far na

  4. Just to let u know I've read this post...can't comment...drowning in work...take care...

  5. @rita-pele.i know dat feeling.i stil love mike-c hw im callin hm like hes my mate.sori.i stil love bros mike.hes stil ma dog.lol

  6. Wow... you confused me there. It was like at first, you're referring to some dude named Michael, then its like, oh you mean, Michael Jackson, then I was like, that CANT be right! Noone has a lustful crush on MJ...

    I was wrong. I love his music, but even as a kid, I remember being thoroughly confused as to why girls were screaming and fainting. I didn't get it.

    As for his colour... well... sigh..

  7. He looks sooooo gay to me…but still love him to death, especially his new song with Akon…

    I watched the video of the prison dance long ago and still laugh my ass off when I see it,…..THAT was the Michael we loved…

  8. love him no matter what he is black or white!!!!!!!!

  9. this is why we should be vary wary of accepting other peoples concept of beauty

    micheal took it to way to far

    unfortunately he's not the only one though

    those inmates should get paid for doing that too

    hilarious michael video

    i love that cancerian sense of humor lol

  10. I used to love him, and i feel bits of that love now and then, especially when i hear his really old songs on my ipod.

    note i said "really" old, cuz i skip some that i just dont like anymore.

    i've no right to judge but dude's really messed up! and he is one human who's gotten away with one too many things!

  11. MJ all the way!!
    I love the vid with the inmates dancing...

  12. i still love him to bits n i dont believe hes guitly of all those molestation accusations(maybe im being partial n naive *shrugs*)

    i also listen to him on my ipod non-stop..

    i heard he has anew album comin out, i wonder whats happenin with it..

  13. He is a legend no doubt...wonder what goes thru he head most times. 1st time here.


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