four eyed god....

in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king, the two eyed man's a king of the king and the four eyed man? well he is the god....
i get my prescription glasses on Monday.
i cant say i'm excited about it. my friend says i'll look like a total nerd.
i've tried to convince her otherwise and in the process convince myself that its not so bad....shes satisfied with taunting me....whatever, shes a mere two eyed specie. i'm four eyed, now how special can that be?

such an irony.
when i was a little girl,i would wear moms kaftans and her high heeled shoes, an assortment of jewelry and handbag, and the final look of adulthood, her glasses. and i would walk out of her room tripping over myself in the blurriness of her glasses and the over sized gear to play pretend in my room or wherever i could be alone, acting like i was in my own office, signing 'documents'(blank papers) like i watched mom do, and telling accountants and other officers off. that's what i get for spending every free moment i had in moms office.(can that qualify as child abuse? her not discouraging me to go play with my mates rather than hang out with her at i digress.

if only i knew then what i know now, that i don't want to have to use prescribed glasses, let alone own one. i was given an option of contact lenses. i love my brown eyes alot, and as appealing as the idea of playing around with colors seem, i'm not up for stuffing my fingers in my eye.

i chose the next best thing to unnerdy i could find. a white framed Chanel. thus on monday i become an official four eyed fella....a god in the land of the blind.
thats special right?


  1. My story is no different...did everything to wear glasses now I am wishing I never toyed with my eyes...

    But I like the way you took it...and how unnerdy your selection was...

    LOL @ "...telling accountants and other officers off..."

    Longest time...

  2. Aww cute story..

    Yay for four eyed fellas! Im one as well..heehee

    I aint keen on contacts either, so i also got a very unnerdy lookin pair of glasses..i pull of the sexy school teacher look well *winks*

    But on the real tho, glasses r a burden..i only wear em when in class n when i have to be in front of a screen..

  3. lol, lucky lucky you!
    Sarah Palin makes me want to wear glasses

    I think I'm going to get pretend ones :)

  4. LOL...i remember wanting glasses and then when I got a pair when I was 10, i realised my mistake. But happily I use contacts these days...its really not bad at all. you should maybe try it? It really helped with my makeup applying skills too because my eyes used to be very nervous and now they have become 'hardened' to the idea of hands near them lol. anyway. its not that bad

  5. Yay for you.

    I remember always wanting to wear glasses in primary sch, cuz i thot they were uber cool, by JSS2, my closest friend was four eyed, and i realised that it wasn't all that.

    I kinda like the serious/nerdy look glasses wearers have tho, they can usually get away with a lot for that reason alone.

    As for contacts, i really don't fancy the stress one bit.

  6. funny..i have a pretend pair of glasses and people think i look so hot with them on..but my eyes are starting to hurt sometimes..i guess its my punishment for pretending huh?..dont worry im sure u still look gawg! :)

  7. I think glasses are cool and there's nothing wrong with looking nerdy. I wore glasses from when i was 7 - 16yrs old. Funny enough, i no longer need glasses and have very good vision. I heard the shape of ur eyeball keeps changing until u r 18, so i think that's what happened.

    Anyhoo, u won't look like a nerd, and if u pick the right pair, it could enhance ur cuteness factor.

  8. Ah, and you are inducted into the 4-eyed club with Channel glasses at that, lol! Must be nice, you don't want to know what my first pair of specs were. lol!

  9. awww hon u is wearing specs and looking ultra cool too???

  10. Me, i no go wia la,ye! If dem no make big lerra's 4 me na dem sabi lol. Nothing wrong wif it though

  11. Welcome to the club of Glasses wearers.

    I don't look like the nerd that i am. Actually my glasses makes me look more professional than i am.


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