say cheeeeeeese:-)

i'm not a pro in photography, but i love to click.
this shot sort of translates my life.
i did the colour patch to create that effect of a new and brighter me emerging to drown the gloomy, dark, boring drabness of the old me.
and the trucks my moving truck, moving out a bit of my dark and scary

got a new camera some weeks back. i'll put the behind camera post up soon enough.
been so busy learning all i can about life love and life and love and life plus a bit of work and the essence of hate and forgiveness(dont ask for tips, i'm still clueless). haven't had the time to blog hop and drop comments.
and then to add to my problems, theres the ever frustrating new facebook thats so so urgggggggh
and coppershunism(nysc) is such crap. i've worn my uniform three times in total. its kinda sexy...makes you feel like a woman in uniform, how i wanted to hold a riffle the first time i wore the! those boots are so uncomfortable. had a new set of khakis sewn so i dont get to wear the pathetic unfit set we're given. had to take pictures in them as proof to all those haters claiming i didnt serve my fatherland.

i so cant wait for the three day holiday coming immediately after the weekend, meaning five days free. monday and tuesday is ramadan holiday, wenesday is independence. yes we have too many holidays in nigeria but who's complaining, personnally i think we dont have enough holidays.
all day today i kept humming the song we sang in primary school 'holiday is coming, holiday is coming, no more morning bells(alarm clocks)............'


  1. I love your blogs, looking forward to your future updates.

  2. that pic is fabulous! how did you adjust the lighting?

    and you know I HAVE to see a pic of u in your uniform!

  3. How DARE you?! We have too many holidays?! I beg to differ! We don't have enough!!! Bring on the 5-day weekend!

  4. uve 5 days holiday????????? im jealous! how can i see this ur corper uniform?????? nice shot by the way...

  5. I still dont understand how you guys have have so many holidays...Not that I complaine when I was

    Aww post a pic of the corpershun uniform jare..I am sure u rock it..

    that pic is fab, did u really take it? how did u seperate the colour...taking lessons from...what was his name again...Mayi or Mali??

  6. You did a beautiful thing with the pic. I love photography too and will love to kone who you did the colour on B/W thing.

    I keep forgetting u be corper now. I should call you and hail you 'Corper shun',lol!

    You no want ur Tee-shirt again abi?
    We should hook up during the hols.

  7. Ajuwaya! "listen this way..." lol

    this picture is amazing in it's wimplicity and especially with the explanation. good job

    and holiday is coming o, i cant wait!

    i support the peeps asking for corper pics o.

    be good

  8. I miss 9ja holidays. I go to a private school where NO public holidays are observed apart from the ones that fall during break so that kinda sucks that I'll go to tha bank or a store and find out its closed meanwhile I had class that day....

  9. Lovely pic, your explanation gave it context also.

    Hey take a pic of you in your NYSC gear, you positioned sideways so your face is partly away from the lens if you prefer, then post:-)

    I remember my NYSC days too. The uniform is sexy if you've got nicely rounded hips, I think. There's a pic I'm thinking of posting. Not sure my face is as away as I'd like it to be. To post or not, that is the question.

  10. - goodbye teasha, goodbye scholar, we are going for a jolly holliday, a jolly holliday!

  11. this hols is SHEER BLISS ahnahn!

    nice photo there...for the photo feels like...there's a vista ahead and the hope [the colored patch] is ma map and compass on the road to my el dorado...*wink

  12. brilliant picture.
    simple but speaks volumes


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