you call this a holiday? least i learnt stuff!

i learnt loads of stuff these three day(five day) holiday.....
i learnt that....

not all holidays are fun. fact that there's a break doesn't mean it'd be 'oh so sweet' urggggh.
didnt go nowhere on friday night, had the flu, saturday morning breakfast at cactus with friends turned out to be disastrous as we were all high on temper, some road work was going on within lekki phase one and there was some mad crazy traffic, by the time we drove back into the estate it was already time for lunch, picked on our food at avalon house.
monday wasnt that great either, tuesday was a little light and wenesday? had a meeting, when i was supposed to be chilling.

i learnt that facebook is really fun. i had absolutely nothing to do, but i was glued to facebook all saturday evening and a bit of sunday, laughing and commenting on peoples pictures, throwing maccain at people, and getting amused with peoples status update 'i'm in lag with wife, to see sister k and husband,just back from dubai with wife after 10 days' helllllllooooo, LMAO! i know status messages always have a hint of 'boast' in it. but this just got to be on top....someone trying so hard to tell stuff.

i learnt that reading two absolutely brain scorching books at the same time is a possibility, well make that three, i'm reading roots, the kunta kinte story, lolita about the sicko oldie and the hans anderson translated stories(fairytales or whatever). its fun just switching between them. roots got me thinking about how hard it must have been for those slaves, and hating the whites, same time i've learnt from it that i definitely dont think paying bad with bad rocks.
i was totally against the whites and what they pulled off with the slaves, but when i read of how some slaves actually poisoned the babies of their 'massas' i found myself almost screeching at how mean that was.)

i learnt that my lips are so soft...gwad, i's jus wanna kiss it, whoever is the massa of thos lips gonna hav a might good time.(since reading roots, i jes love speak the 'nigger' english)

i learnt its mighty easy to manipulate a man to do anything for you. all you have to do is pout or sigh dramatically and he'll trip over himself trying to figure out whats wrong...and after he drops you home,he'll keep calling, and all you have to do is answer with a sad sigh and say 'i cant talk right now'
you'll get flowers for no reason whatsoever....classic.

i learnt that when you meet a guy you absolutely fall in crush with in your favorite dress(first time you wear it)and you don't see him for another dozen of moons,and in that time you avoid wearing this really flattering dress just in case he sights you somewhere in it(and goes second time i'm meeting her and shes in same outfit).
well the day you decide to wear it, thinking 'hell with him, hes never going to be at so so bar at this time'...well he certainly will be..
its so annoying, all those hangouts i avoided wearing this purple jersey dress to and never seeing him there.
today i go for a house party thingy and then to this bar to watch the man utd match and smack bang there he is walking around like he owned the place, which apparently he does as i learnt....crap!

and i learnt that my lips are so so soft...uhmmm. oh sorry i mentioned that already. i'm just nibbling on them and thinking i should charge for a taste of this.

also learnt that that i have to stop lusting over wayne rooney. i've followed that guys leg since forever and lusted after him, maybe solely cos he plays for the best team in the world...
i realised that my cousin seems to look like him body and face wise(not like hes got a body and face to die for)and the dudes a football junky too. we've had scouts from reading coming to sniff him up.thus i have to stop the lusting after rooney, cos it feels like its my cousin i'm lusting after. who knows what i'll be thinking when my cousin swaggers past me juggling a football.

and, the longest holidays are usually the most boring...said that before yeah? well i say it again. boring.


  1. I'm so tempted to say serve y'all right for having a five day holiday! then again...sorry, it didnt turn out to be such fun ...then again, I'm secretly smirking inside :) dont blame me though, havent had a real holiday in a while!

    as for re-rocking the dress, I'm so pissed at dude, cos I can just imagine! the nerve of him not to show up when u were rocking the red dress u refused to give me... speaking of, I still want MY dress!

  2. i find this post charged with sexual 'lip' energy!! hmmm!

    but can i say, i havent read roots...but i will now that u mention it..but i've read lots of books on slavery..took a sememster of American History at uni...and i will say this THOSE WHITES DESERVED THEIR BABIES POISONED AND MORE! but we're so over that part of our order to grow we need to forgive and forget..but madam let me tell not for one second empathize with the whites of that time period! its just not worth it!

    phew said it all

    i'm all better now!

  3. oee yea...and facebook status updates are just too funny!! they are getting outrageous by the day!

    'X is on a yacht with my BB Bold, its all about the Bold baby'

    hahahahahaa..can u imagine?

  4. i would give all the tea in china to kiss those soft luscius, succulent lips queeny lol

    i wouldnt mind doing some other things too :)

    it hurts my heart when you get sick

    i see you are really picking up on male psychology

    we hate to see a woman (especillay one as beautiful as you in distress)

    its just our nature

  5. Haha hahahaa..
    Laughing at ur episode with the crush. Pele,lol!

    So u didnt have fun? And I ofered to take you out o, see urself!

    Those jackets of mine are running out o, order urs aaaasap! Am sure they'll look good on you.

  6. Why are you falling in love with your own lips and speaking of it in such manner....not right just not right.

    Wayne Rooney?! What happened to Thiery and Ronaldo them ehn.

    At least you would be back to work tomorrow.

  7. I agree; d longest holidays are usually the most boring.

    Don't be lusting over Rooney o.

    How body?

  8. lol @ the dress. At least u look hawt in it. So heyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  9. aww the holiday sucked for me too!
    way too long.
    lol@the dress thing. i know exactly what u mean! i have a dress i've only worn once - july 2007 - because of facebook. i'm still trying to guage what events i can wear it to, what hair i have to have on so it has a different look, and such. i feel so lame! but i cant help it - that album was on rotation for a long ass time. it's sad cuz i've proudly re-rocked all my other non-facebook baffs!!

  10. well, maybe u should charge for the

    i want to read Roots too!

    dont i just love the niggerspeak!

    that holiday was such a drag! okay, that sounds ungrateful, but it's true.

    and the guy and the purple dress, that just sucks!

  11. so, do you still have your oreos and coffee everyday?

  12. lol' tobenna, i had to kick that habit like a bad addiction.
    i was advised to quit taking coffee, my meds have steriods in them, thats not a combination i can endure.

    i've switched to oreos and yogurts though, but not everyday.:)


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