lagos na wa....

lmao....lagos na real wa.
just got back from picolomondo.
went for drinks with this friend of mine. i desperately wanted to sit upstairs but when we got there, it was filled,lots of people i really dont care about, so i dragged him downstairs.
dude is one of those interesting guys that every girl wants to be around, hes a friend and a funny one at that, you just find yourself spilling out to him. which is risky cos you dont know who his next date would be and what hes saying about you.
plus since he knows everything, i get to hear the true stories first hand and like they say 'talk about the devil' as hes finishing with one story next we know the talked about person walks in, or a person walks in and he starts narrating a funny experience, most of them involving him dragging over a babe with some guy...if city people employs me, lots of people would be in trouble, or maybe i could start my very own gossip girl nigerian

so we went downstairs which was relatively empty, save for a table with three girls, i noticed the louis vuitton bag(one of the damian collection bags placed heavily on the table. like it was the lord of their manor ). there was a heated arguement going on and lawd, how i tried not to eavesdrop even though i wouldnt have been wrong to do so as they were arguing loud enough for everyone to hear, then they'd switch to yoruba when they felt they had to be descret. my companion is a proper born and bred yoruba dude.

apparently, some guy got a gift for one of the ladies, i suspect its the very same bag gingerly placed on the table. fair enough guys buy ladies gift but this chic was married.
so chic is standing with her husband when someone compliments her bag, she graciously and i suppose 'modestly' says thanks and explains its a gift.
her friend now blurts out, a hundred and fifty thousand naira gift.
there comes the trouble, hubby blows up when he hears the real price,why would so and so person give you such an expensive gift. and till the moment they were 'digging it out' at the resturant, things were tense at home.
the poor babe who exposed the madame was been bombarded by madam and the third lady on the table with insults as she calmly tried to explain that she didnt see anything wrong in saying what she said, and except her friend is actually doing something with the guy, then theres no need to sound so guilty, bla bla bla.
the third one screamed at her to 'shut up' if you're jealous tell one of your so called executive boyfriends to get you a bag and.....
that was the straw that broke the camels back as the calm one lost it, got up, picked up her purse and muttered to the two yellers 'if you want to scream, scream at the person you're defending, shes the one who slept with your boyfriend'(she said this in yoruba)
thats when the slap came, the louis vuitton was thrown on the floor as the two previous 'best friends' went at it with each other, forgetting the one they came to fight as she calmly walked out.
classic performance. i wished my camera was there, i desperately wanted to take the picture of the 150,000naira bag lying on the floor, forgotten as the ladies attacked themselves.

and then the one and only 'prestigious' gym in v/i(hint hint, on ozumba mbadiwe)
****had to take off that it of the story. sorry

the things we see and hear in lagos everyday...*sigh* lagos na wa!!!!


  1. you're so involved in this lagos social scene, even as you try to remove urself from it!! all this drama, na wa!
    at least you get some serious gist from it.

  2. jeez, the chick fyt, i'da loved to see. u roll in some jist filled circles oh babe, hot, smoking jist! this was one funny post!

  3. lolllllllllll lagos na wawa
    but babes ur 'aproko' for complete if tosay u 'upload' dos pics :-)
    norrin do u sha'
    *hope u voted today*

  4. The lady could have gotten into trouble with her husband even if she wasn't doing anything with the person who gave her the gist. She should never have accepted the bag in the first place.

    As for the gym story, na wa!

  5. Girl fight in public places...a sight to behold.

  6. You see why i love my Lagos ehn?
    Where else in the world can u watch such real life drama unfold in public.

    The lady who blurted out the price of the bag is just a natural trouble maker, but the way she dropped that last line and walked out was tew mush mehn!

    You sef, and u claim not to be a socialite ehn, u can sharply apply to city ppl or encomium as one of their "olofofos" or "tatafos" lol!

    Have fun jare!

  7. was gonna say long post ..until i saw "sister love"....but i guess na gist plenty..
    she neva would thot her secret would com to the open the way it did..desperate housewives style..

  8. That lady who dropped the bag price is one hell of a trouble maker! She started another fight and she left them to it.

    Maybe you should start your own Gossip girl column.It will be fun!

  9. ...the beauty of Lagos, the intrigues of life.

  10. Eko wengele. Na wa for real. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall just to see the drama. Women sha!

  11. lagos na real wa, only in lagos mehn!

    Have you thought of doing like a gossip girl clumn thing?

  12. Hm, I always feel confused when people say they encounter drama in Lag. Like, my own Lag is different from theirs.. Maybe I need to get out more..


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