brown eyes...for charity sake!!!

i got this in a thread from chiedo ifeozo, i'm sure lots of nigerians belong to his group on facebook. i think hes a talented fellow. i'll try to put up links to his poetry on youtube or you could search for him. i dont know him personally, but i think hes a wonderful person, for what hes trying to do for charity and his mind blowing poetry. if i was his girlfriend....i'll hold that thought, but i'll definitely never be gloomy cos the words of his poetry would drown me in its wholesomeless.

this really perked me up as i've been feeling gloomy for lots of reasons, the death of my GM and stuff. i was just opening my mail and reading this brown eyes poem when coincedentally flowers were delivered to me...(long story about the flowers that i'd rather not talk about ). i almost made myself believe he(or some imaginary guy of my dreams) wrote this specially for me and the flowers were part of the whole show of affection *dreams* i know.(i'm so desperate for soft romance i'll imagine anything)
i've got brown eyes,bonafide brown eyes. so whoever ends up being the love of my life had better write a brown eyes poem for me or better yet, i could save this and make him read it to me. lol(its not one of his best works, but its got a whole lot of mushiness i could do with)

Brown eyes
I see your sighs
Sometimes this life comes with scars
But still you shine like the stars
Close your eyes, feel the highs
Don’t be shy, touch the sky
Brown eyes I'm lost in your roundness
I'm comforted by your softness
In your eyes I feel the warmth of the sun
I feel like they've known me since the day I was born
Sometimes I feel I have no where to run
But in your eyes I feel I am right where I belongI see through your eyes as if they were mine
The future is only a matter of time
Close your eyes,Close your eyes, Feel the highs
Beautiful brown eyes

by Chiedu Ifeozo

poetry for charity

we really need your help- poetry for charity.
We need to raise the awareness level for the Poetry for Charity project

as well as the link to the purchase site

We need you to pick up a copy of the Poetry for Charity collection.

We need you, but they need you even more

the students in Makoko need you,

the funds raised from this project will help to improve their school and provide much needed reading materials

the sickle cell sufferers need you,

the funds raised from this project will be used to provide medicines and financial support to them

the poor need you,

the funds raised would assist organisations in the fight against poverty

They need you to get involved,

They need you to remember them in your hearts

All they need you to do right now, is to be aware and show that you care, and be the driving force of change

all they need is your support

all they need is your voice.
i tried to do a post in my own words on this charity thing, but i was so tired. who cares that i copied and pasted. its still saying same y'all give a big big scream in support(its only about $9.00). i know you'll be sweethearts and go online to purchase the book. and if you can join the group on facebook 'thoughts on a page...a collection of poetry'


  1. hmm, how can i be a part of this? thanks for reminding us that some people really need help..

    you sure you got brown eyes? lol

  2. Yeah, I read it on facebook this morning. I love the poem. Brilliant.

  3. hey like 90% of black people have brown eyes so we can all claim this! lol. and i thut the poem was sooo cheeeeeeeeeesy!! until i read that it was for charity and i thut, 'aww'. hehehe.

  4. i have brown eyes too nd i love 'em.really like d poem.

  5. dude is talented no doubt.. you should attend TARUWA when u get the chance.

  6. can follow the link to purchase the book online. better still join the group on facebook.

    aloofar...yes its a cheesyish brilliant poem.

    geisha song...brown eyes, lots of people have it yes. but they dont appreciate theirs like i do mine, or the poem does for whoever its written for...i think. lol

    naija idol...i love mine too

    unnaked...unfortunately anything taruwa has an even i'm always out of town. i plan on attending the next one though, especially as its now at a convinient location. the jazz place, just on my way home :)

  7. That's a brilliant poem... would def. be happy to be part of this noble cause

  8. moi aussi.....original brown eyes.....*wink*

    i never have the patience for poetry unless it's in a movie.....

  9. "I see through your eyes as if they were mine" ===deep


    I just read that old post and found the solution (chic your loaded. Lol!)

    Whenever you wanna spend think of this cause. It always works for me. I think of lesser priviledged folks think of up spending a faction the money on charity donations (loss $20 instead of $50 on a good cause).

    and didn't guess you were Hausa. Lol!


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