my sunday...

heard i'm in this sundays thisday style...i didn't get the papers today :( so havent seen it. but from the description of my outfit by the 'see'ers' the pic was taken at the recently held 'nigerians next super model' show, as long as i wasnt being dissed which i wasnt(i've got style so no fears) and so long as i'm not on the 'do not' list then i can be right smack in the pages.

its funny the first thing i thought of was 'damn and i was going to wear that outfit in two weeks'
i'm still wearing it, i cant let one of my best ever deola sagoe pieces go to waste:)
i always have a mocking word for those 'friends/people' i regard as 'socialites' when i sight them in the style pages, so i'm not sure what to feel now, hypocritical if i say i've got a feel good thingy about it and also hypocritical if i say i'm not so sure how i feel. but who cares.

had my nails done today, i love it ;) turayo at nail place is the best.
then went to terraculture, its no Broadway but its just as lovely. twas trials of brother jerome and the sequence. oh, how we laughed, it was fun, it was well played out, it was much more than i expected. i'm glad i got invited by my friend. i've always wanted to go for the plays at terra, but no friend seem to be theater inclined like i am, the thought of going alone fazed me, now i know its no biggie going alone,i'll get to meet new people. i'll be doing that more often. trials of brother jerome will be playing all month, and next month the lion and the jewel would start. i'll definitely be seeing that. plus the price is good enough, N2000 for tickets. it runs at 3pm and 6pm respectively.

i'm not prepared for my trip, not as excited as i was when mom was in the picture, haven't changed currencies, haven't packed, i hate packing. especially whenever i know i'll be doing loads of shopping. if i had my way i'd never pack more than one change of clothes cos i always get new things so whats the point, but i cant do without taking more than i need, just incase. i'm the master of excesses, partly cos i dont know how to pack well and stuff things in suitecases,so i know what excess luggage i'll be coming back with.
i'll try and have as much fun outside shopping as i can .

church was solemnly exciting, we were compelled to renew our covenant with God, and he'll deliver us.
talking of covenants/promises/vows....we all take it as a joke today, especially in the most sacred of them all...marriage. its appalling the number of married people prowling the streets and chasing after girls.
i made a pledge and i redeemed it. it was hard, i kept thinking, i dont have to, they dont need it, i can get away with not coming through afterall they're family and they'll still love me.
but i did go through with it and i'm glad, the thankyous melted the heavyness in me that i was sweet and thoughtful and all the goods,
i'm glad i went through with it, cos seeing them proud of me has made my year. its got a feel good enzyme i've been dwelling in.

have a great week y'all!


  1. what I would do for a copy of Thisday sunday right now!

    I'm sure you'd be rocking the column, so no prob.

    PS: guess what? Santa Claus might be coming to town!

    *hint hint* : insert cousin somewhere

  2. Wow at least u have 'joneses' bragging rights.

    Hopefully you weren't passed out at some Gordon sparks' party or MTN concert because they put some of those embarrassing pics thisday style ads. And parents see their grown-ass kids on there. Lol!

  3. bumight...yayyy, santa claus is comingggggggg to townnnnn!!! i've been a very good girl this year, this is a very nice pressy!!!

    abuja, na i dont attend any of those stuffs. it was at the nigerian next super model show. apparently they liked my style. *rolls eyes and smiling in btw* havent seen it yet tho.

  4. damn!! i almost bot disday paper ystrday. for u i go hunt for am. I hate packing cos i pk necessary and unneccessary tins. for a 3 day trip u go see my luggage like 2 weeks
    u av a gr8 week too.

  5. wow. u were on paper cos of ur dress? wow. u must have been looking smashing. now, dat gives me a whole new outlook on d pple dat r featured on style. i used 2 think they were d super-mega rich. u know, d movers & shakers of dis country. guess, if u look fly, u get in! congrats dear. daz a big compliment.

    "Ruffin' It" is launched. If u haven't been there, follow my link ...

  6. i only read thisday style when other people buy it so you're lucky i wont be solving the 'who is fantasy queen' mystery.
    i think its such a good thing that you kept your promise to ur family.
    have fun on ur vacation - and jus throw in a pair of jeans,three tops and an extra pair of shoes other than the ones you'll be wearing to travel. that should be fine.

    btw how far with the book club?

  7. will get me a copy of the mag to copy ya style....*wink*......

    why pack when u are going shopping....
    a change of clothes will do!!!!!!!

  8. i can still get a copy of ThisDay style. it's Good to always keep the pledges u make. We are also doing the covenants/promises/ vows teachin about God in church at the moment. its great knowing how profiting it is to be in a covenant with God.

  9. I so wish i could get a copy of THISDAY STYLE like right, right now. I actually made my dad bring some back editions 4 me all d way 4rm naija to jand and i packed them down here with me.

    Babe, u're balling o, but i laffed like crazy when i saw d line bout u wanting to wear it in 2 weeks, all these paparazzi can like to ruin re-rocking for someborry!

    Have fun on ur vacation, don't even pack, just get on the plane already....seriously!

  10. Question: Did the picture single yu out? That's how fashion police pictures are o! Where are we travelling to?

  11. 'lagos big girl' appearing in thisday style!! woopa!! hotness!

  12. ah, you are now a socialite as well.


  13. I have a copy of the paper so going to search for you :-)

    How now? Sorry about how you feel becos mom's not joining you for the trip...

    I'm also proud of you, the way you made the whole family come together. You'd make a good team player at work.

  14. But sweetie, as abramovich's wife, u know its inevitable that u become a socialite, no? LOL..

    Im so happy i'l be in naija next month, i really wanna see the lion and the jewel!

    Happy for u concernin ur convenant..


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