halloween fever, set your face to scared.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! its halloween, welcome to fright night!!!

theres loads of Halloween parties today its disgusting. my phone's ringing every minute with this invite to here and there for this 'awesome' halloween party and that other more awesome party and then there's the 'costume and karaoke party'(now that sounds tempting to drop in on)everyone's screaming and whining about costumes. i wish i was a witch so i could just shut them up. unfortunately i don't do parties, i'm not so crazy about the socialites' around, so i avoid most of this things.

you would think they're so desperate to be somebody else, like hallooween is the one time they can put on a mask to disguise their scary faces, more like make themselves look less scary...lol

miss B my friend calls from UK and exclaims that shes going as herself for a party, after we've had a very tiring discussion on what costume she should wear. i asked what herself is supposed to be and she scoffs and says 'stunning, what else? i'm gorgeous, i'm sexy, hell people try to imitate my looks sometimes"
lol, i can confirm shes mad crazy.

last years halloween party held at bacchus had this chic all dressed up as a mummy, and she so rocked the look, all wraped up in bandages and safety pins....i saw the picture and was like damnnnn it must have really meant something to her, as i wouldnt go through all that for a costume party.

come to think of it, when did nigerians(well mostly lagosians) get so tuned in on halloween?
i dont believe in the idea behind halloween. i still have that story i was told years ago that it was all about witches and ghost of the dead coming to life and bla bla bla, why would i celebrate some evil day like it was christmas? i have never celebrated halloween and of course growing up in nigeria has cancelled any form of conversion i might have encountered, especially the lure of candies from trick and treating.
(my own opinion, everyones free to have all the fun they want, cos remove my uptight attitude and it really is fun costume dressing. dang my stupid principle is making me miss out on all the fun. i have lots of ideas i would like to try besides playboy bunnies. maybe i'll have my own costume party after halloween:-))

i'll stay home, skip all the channels with frightful movies(who remembers all those really scary movies when growing up? From omen to Night of the Living Dead to fright night or the one where the little girl was drawn into the tv or the one with the black slaves and haunted houses....,urgh, they were pure torture and I had to watch cos my whole siblings were watching and I couldn't be left alone)

I'll try and finish 'to saint patrick' tonight, its the book we're meant to discuss at the bookclub meeting on saturday.

i'm wondering how i'm going to manage my time on saturday.
late breakfast/brunch @ 11am with a friend, we've grown apart this past weeks and shes trying hardest to wedge that gap thus shes paying for breakfast at cactus

bookclub at 2pm

book reading with Ekene Onu, the author of the mrs club by 4pm(thankGod its same venue with the bookclub)

birthday house party of a friend at 6pm
birthday dinner at 8.30pm of my dear dear friend at marco polo resturant

i'm wondering how i'll handle it. not looking forward to cloth hunting for the parties.
good thing i squeezed in a manicure/pedicure after work on Wednesday and i braided my hair last weekend so no salon runs for me or else I'd be more wrecked than I feel right now.

thinking of the day makes my whole body jelly weak....

y'all have a beautiful halloween celebration and weekend.


  1. Halloween- what's that???- Lagosians always looking for any excuse to party.
    I hope you make it through saturday in one piece, enjoy your weekend girl.

  2. Wishing you a happy halloween weekend... hope u av fun!


  3. halloween was never a big deal when i was in niaja o! neways, things have changed sha. have fun cos ur schedule looks packed!

  4. I didnt even know about halloween until I got to this crazy country. Now you are telling me that people go crazy for halloween in Lagos. Ummm Wonders shall never end! Dont forget to have fun on saturday O with all this changing outfits business. Cant you just take your clothes along and change before you leave each party or at a gas station or something. Have fun!

  5. i dont see trick-or-treating in your schedule o...

  6. i thought i was d only one wondering when d sudden halloween craze hit Niaja...... 9ice is coming to houston so i plan on going there and carrie underwood's concert tomorrow so no costume dressing for me....... :(

  7. If Nigerians knew the roots of Halloween, our supersticious selves won't be tryna copy oyido.

    babalawos, witches, evil spirits, Ojuju, jazz. Lol! Spend the weekend in church casting and binding.

    Wettin cosine lagos with halloween? I'm beginning to have issues with Lagosians. Lol! Wonder when Abuja folks will start 'dressing up.' Lame!

    I'm not into it but I have a Mardi Gras mask for the heck of it today.

  8. wats d fuss bout halloween? like i see no biggie.

    wow ur schedule sure is clustered. goodluck on sorting it out.

  9. In time Ms Queen... In time... (you know what am talking about)

    Meanwhile, your idea of a costume parzzo isn't a bad idea...

  10. Niaja is big on Halloween? are u serious? i wont have thought that with the level of "prayer warriors", "casting demon" convention seekers we have in that country.

    i still don't celebrate Halloween, so i will just wish u a happy day

  11. Left a comment on your last post. So was anyone arrested by Lagos police for indecent halloween exposure? Lol!

  12. i dreamt about u tonight. that u came to visit me in school or something, can't remember the dream anymore!

  13. I also wish we had those kinda celebrations back here at home.**envy you**

    Have fun hey? And be very careful..dont get too scared!

  14. Hmmm, babe, busy saturday for you. So did you finally attend any of the halloween parties?


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