another sting!!!!

My holiday went perfectly well ,to an extent, well that’s if we take out the details of the attitudes i got from my sister(leaving me alone in the mall and me almost getting missing since it was my first time and her second she knew the way more than i did); add all the luxury of it. we stayed at the Marriot Harbour hotel and apartment in dubai marina(i know, not the atlantis or the burj, but next time, whatever ours was a 5star too), our three bedroom suite on the 30th floor had such a beautiful view of the marina. it was so glamorous, the resturants were out of this world, the resturant at the obsevartory on the 52nd floor with a breath taking view of dubai marina and palm jumeirah. the spa was glorious and so chic, we were treated like some hollywood stars, my sis and i made them wonder who we really were:) with all the shopping and bla bla bla I’ll save the story for another day.

I got back home, went to work on Monday, avoided my GM, I walked to his office when I was about closing for the day, I overheard him laughing , decided I wasn’t in the mood for fake smiling with the boss and walked away.
The next morning as we prepared for the EGM of the company, I heard he was dead, that’s the disadvantage of getting every news that comes before every other person, because you're freinds with the directors. Apparently he slumped in the office when he went to get some files to meet us at the lagoon for the meeting, he was rushed to reddington where he died.

I had to go about the meeting smiling like I knew nothing when inside I was screaming. Not him, how? I didn’t even say hello to him a day before, I heard him laugh….
He liked me, he kept telling some clients I was ‘staff of the year’ a day before I traveled, the last time I sat down with him, he laughed and asked me if I knew what his driver called me? I said I did ‘asa’ and he told me asa means beautiful in igbo.
He wasn’t so popular with the staff, but he was nice to me.

I was at the hospital after the meeting, I refused to go in to see his body, but as he was wheeled into the ambulance to move him to a mortuary I saw his body wrapped up and there was this feeling of 'jeez lifes got jokes'
I headed to the airport for porthacourt, I felt dreadful during the flight, I kept seeing the lifeless form of his body floating in the clouds as i kept wondering how possible…I didn’t sleep that night.

I’m back to the office for the first time since he died last week. I’m really not that weak I think, but I dreaded coming in, I had a near panic attack, I’m holding on to my inhaler. I cant bring myself to go downstairs to his office where he slumped, I heard his shoes are still in there and his jacket.
Life’s sad.
I saw the papers yesterday, the net is full of stories, they said he died of cardiac arrest from the downward trend of the market. What a joke that paper should be sued.
I’m trying to get myself together to work today.

I’m not sure if I’m to say ‘rest in peace’ cos I remember 30+ saying it doesn’t make sense saying that.
So I guess adieu it is.


  1. Awww, sad thing. You know what they say, be nice to people while you can, tell the people you love that you love them while you can because tomorrow may be too late. Im sure you would have felt better if you took the bold step to say hello the day before but whatever it is, he is gone now. The lesson learnt is for another day.

    Good to know youre back girl, i did miss you.

  2. tragic. And you never got to say your final goodbyes, it's rather unfortunate. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. wow, got tears in my eyes but i'm not crying..Its just sad though...

  4. this is so sad, cant imagine how u feel esp 4 not chatting wit him b4 he died.

  5. That's really sad. Here today, gone tomorrow.

  6. really sad.

    Sorry about the loss. A colleague lost her dad too last week. someone ok one minute then the next he had a cardiac arrest he died 5minutes into the whole thing.

    it is well with us all.

  7. na wah o. all these deaths. it doesnt really matter what u say...but wht u mean...i mean what u wish him in the hereafter,and it sure as hell doesnt also matter whether other pple hated him...its ur own relationship with him that matters after they say we are all different things to various people at different points in time.

  8. *sigh*
    pele dear'
    May God give his family the fortitude to bear the loss Amen


  9. Wat a real tragedy. May he rest in peace. I know dat sad feeling of here now n gone l8r, its a big surprise sometimes dat it takes a while for it to really sink in. Hope u feel better n glad u had a nice vacation.

  10. I read about it in the papers (online), papers wil say what they have to say to sell more copies.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation.

  11. oh wow, that's tragic. sorry for your loss...

  12. Eeya, this is so heartbreaking. It just makes you want to make your life matter because seriously you dont know when it will happen. Pele. It is well. I say a prayer for his family.

  13. that is SO tragic, i dont know what to say.

  14. sorry FQ....... the Lord is ur strength

  15. May God comfort you and his loved ones!

  16. there is such a great lesson in this

    we need to more sensitive to the needs of others because we never know when their time is up

    oh course you can never know and when its somebodies time to go

    and you might not feel like being nice that day and you shouldnt be faulted for that

    i guess im trying to say it is what it is :)

  17. ......I'm at a loss for words. Schocked and all, I guess that's life, it hits us in so many ways we don't expect. Sorry for your loss.

  18. Life so fleeting...may his soul RIP.


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