"I'm coming out
I want the world to know
Got to let it show..." Diana Ross
Lately, i've been pondering about being anonymous. Its been fun while it's lasted.
Why did i start this blog? to say with the key board words my mouth fails to express, every day troubles, everyday thoughts and just everyday. A place to talk without been judged. Of course everything is easier to say when you're behind a curtain....the perks of anonymity. I've had to take out some posts, the more i got unveiled, the more i scrambled about taking off posts like a little coward that i'm not.

I've been the girl behind a veil and its been a wonderful experience, all the friends i've made without seeing or been seen. All the friends i've made and unveiled myself to....

I loved the idea of my anonymity, but then i've realized that somehow people from my everyday world found me online, thus the whole thrill of being the faceless girl behind the keyboard is a little old.
Some random acquantance saw me the other day and told me she reads my blog....  That kind of gave me a shock. So whats the point? its time to draw the curtain and unveil myself to blogville.

The picture was taken by dearest IK Osakioduwa aka Wildchild, we were at cafe vergnano1882 at the palms for a sideview magazine interview with him.
He's such a lovely, nice, interesting, funny fellow, he's one friend i'd choose to have around all the time if given the chance his wife would let him. I admire him much and seeing him and his lovely wife together is always an awwwwww moment for me. Be it out of jealousy of joy.... my heart always melts:)

Maybe i'm that chick you hang out with everyday, maybe i'm the one you saw drive by and you wondered if you'd ever see me again, and maybe i'm the one who displayed some village skills at some restaurant that got you wondering where i was unleashed from, or the one who went ghetto on you.... It's a small small world. Here i am. I'm that chic and i want the world blogville to know.


  1. Finally a face to the words , I give you props because I don't think I have the courage too

  2. courageous of you and a pretty face too. i love the partial anonymity of the internet.

  3. "...everything is easier to say when you're behind a curtain....the perks of anonymity."

    True, however the easiness of speaking (behind a curtain) is not necessarily an act of cowardice. 'Tis cos oftentimes people do not listen to what another says, rather they assume what one says based on the personality they know.


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