Don't you just want to hate people that can't let a 'thank you' slip out of their mouth? Don't you just want to strangle them and take back that little act of kindness you've done for them? it could be something as big as giving a present or as mundane as saying 'bless you' to some who just sneezed her heart out. All i want is a thank you, but its obviously too much to ask. Thus i get angry, and probably write that ungrateful person off and promise myself not to do anything for him/her...ever again.
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Well that’s how we act towards God, but thank God he is not man to fume and react and write us off the same way we do when people fail to appreciate our acts of kindness.
Just imagine sleeping and dreaming of breakfast…agege bread and fried eggs, or pancakes and scrambled eggs, whichever side you belong to…you’re all warm and cozy under the duvet, dreaming away, oblivious to every other thing. While the one who never sleeps nor slumbers is watching over you, protecting you and making sure you come to no harm during the night, and then you wake you without a “thank you for today”, not even a nod of acknowledgment. All you’re thinking of is the breakfast you dreamed of. #fail

Think of how warm and fuzzy and good you feel when someone hugs you and thanks you for doing something for them,
when your boss commends you and says “well done”
When your mom gives you that smile and says “thank you”
When your dad pats your back with a soft look on his face, that means 'thank you, i'm proud of you" when your nieces or kids hug you and give you a big kiss in appreciation for something you’ve done, which of course is nothing close to all the goodness God gives us… think about how nice it feels.

Well God is a God who has emotions too. He’s a God of love, he’s a jealous God, he gets angry, he’s moved to compassion. If he has feelings too, don’t you think it saddens him when his children fail to acknowledge him for his blessings? Imagine how warm and fuzzy his heart goes when we smile and scream in joy over something he’s done and say ‘thank you lord’ or how his heart melts when we weep for joy and fall on our knees just to say “thank you”, or when you dance your heart out in a dance of thanks giving saying ”thank you for all you’ve done.”

There’s every reason to thank God for everything at every moment... i mean you're reading this now... you could be blind, or lying dead in some accident on your way home, or connected to tubes in some hospital, or too poor to afford internet, or living in some village with no idea what the internet is, talkless of a blog.
I thank God for my hair, its not as long and silky as some lady dancing between trees in some India movie, but its full and beautifully short.
I thank God for the family I was born into, we’re not the bill gates or the Dangotes of the world, but It couldn’t have been better.
I thank God for moments I’ve been afflicted, for if I didn’t go through the trials how would I have known him as my provider, my comforter, my healer, my friend, my helper... the good God.

I read somewhere  "if the only prayer you say is ‘thank you’ then its enough."

My mom takes appreciation to the next level. She would buy gifts and make you feel you did worth more than you did. It gets embarrassing and annoying some times. But she's a woman who knows the secret of showing appreciation. It sets you apart from the crowd, you're remembered and more doors are opened to you, cos really i would love to do more business with one who's showing me gratitude in such a grand way..
Same way, it's not just enough to say thank you to God with our mouth, we need to take gifts or offerings of thanksgiving to his house to acknowledge his lordship and appreciate him. And of course he'd get all mushy and send down more blessings our way.
Show gratitude to God today...

And happy thanksgiving to those celebrating.


  1. Thank you for this post. I learned earlier this year just how much have to be grateful to God for and everyday I am VERY thankful!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. We could never thank him enough oh

  3. ....not just for expectation but, just because.....

    Thanking Him should be a continual song on our lips.

  4. "While the one who never sleeps nor slumbers is watching over you, protecting you and making sure you come to no harm during the night..." those great things we overlook...

    I have learned to be thankful and appreciative of what I have bcos i could have been worse...


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