Underestimated.....diamond in the rough

The Greatest treasures on Earth are found beneath the surface,just like they are in you. Dig deeper! ......Tony Gaskins

Do we miss the one by insisting on waiting for ‘the right one?’ is there ever a right one? Have we judged things and people wrongly by putting prize tags on them?

How many times have we turned up our nose and missed a blessing? How many people are left wandering and lonely, unaware that they just missed the Mr. 'rightest' of their life because they weren’t impressed enough with his shoes to say a ‘hey’ to his ‘hi’.

The best things aren’t always the most expensive or finest…sometimes its hard, the pressure of it all, keeping up with the worlds expectation of what you should be like. Your friends boyfriend just got her a prada, you need someone who can get you four pradas and a Gucci… throw in some hard to pronounce French name while you’re at it. You go on a date with a guy in a cab and your friend and her boyfriend overtake in a Range, and have you seen how her boo looks in his suit? Like he just stepped out the cover of GQ, while yours looks like he …well you know the guy who cleaned up during the GQ photo shoot. But that doesn't mean hes better than what you have going for you. The grass is greener till you jump the fence. What you fail to see is, in all his GQ glory, he's not half as funny, courteous, loving and kind as yours.

At some seminar, Pastor Agu Irukwu of Jesus house London talked about a lady who ignored the right guy for so long. Her reason to an exasperated Agu was ‘hes not tush enough’. The untush guy didn’t give up on her, till one day after much persuasion she stopped to listen to the next words after hi, and after giving him a chance, all it took was her buying him tush clothes with his tush money I guess, cos now they’re married and probably the tush couple in church with their tush looking kids. With tush girls envying them.

A girl walks into a room with some dress from primark and all eyes are on her because she looks fabulous, and there you are, unnoticed in your $xxxxx marc Jacob dress. Heavy prize tags does not pass for class, taste or style.

A simple conversation with your driver, cook or security can lead you to breakthroughs, you’d be surprised at the info you can get sometimes by just being friendly.
Remember Naaman the Syrian who had leprosy? And how mad he was that Elisha would suggest he just dips seven times in the Jordan pool to get healed?
He ranted about how they had better pools in Damascus. He wanted some elaborate show of power and abrakadabras and poof, he’d be healed. But in the end, he listened to his servants who persuaded him to obey. He got healed from dipping in the relatively insignificant pool…and note, it was his servants who were his voice of reason “if he would have asked you to do something great, wouldn't you have done it?…..”,  it was a slave girl in his household who told him about Elisha…. if he never listened to his slaves, he would never have been healed.

Most times we miss the voice of God, our sure voice of reason because we're looking up to the sky, expecting it to darken and send out thunder with Gods voice saying 'My child.........'  or some dramatic voice from nowhere saying something to us in the voice of St. Obi in some naija home video:)
He's not a God of show biz, coming through with sirens and escorts and rackets to show hes around. He does things in the less complicated ways....he puts the answers in our heart, that still small voice, or that little child that comes your way with a smile and a word that means more than what the three year old understands. Or that bill board you see for the first time with just the word you need for the moment.

I learned from Naaman's story that not everything wonderful comes in elaborate ways, An aura of some heady perfume with a catwalk to closet outfit and billboard look isn’t always the fairytale dream….the wonderful may just be in the murky waters of the Jordan river, the fashion blind man in his yellow suite, the girl with the not so perfect English i.e “I doesn’t know’:) the dress from the street market.... the advice from the aboki down the road.
I’m still working on myself and the ‘I’m better than you’ attitude’ that sometimes creeps into my head. I don’t look as pretty with my nose turned up and rumpled. You never can tell where your blessing is hiding, like a diamond in the rough.

And that guy whose shoes suck? Give him a chance, he might be THE ONE, and when he is, you’ll have enough time to buy him all the shoes in the world that suites your taste, prada to proda whatever matches his wallet, made in Aba or Italy, who cares☺

Show some love, and discover your diamond.


  1. word...an potentials too count for much in my books.

    My senior sister married a guy who used to work in Aurthur Anderson then as an auditor, his car wasn't all that and he lived in a two bedroom flat somewhere in palm grove, but he had a good job with prospects, he had passed his profesional examinations, he was hardworking, intelligent and focused.

    fast forward 12 years to today, he is the MD of a bank in Nigeria (name with held), they have many choice cars and houses, my sister has even quit her job and is lounging...this inspires me so much and i hope it would inspire others too..look for prospect people..where is he going? not necessarily where he is today

  2. Its hard to do because all we are interested in is "now". Nobody thinks about whats up ahead. Foresight is a gift and a blessing we need to constantly ask God for.

  3. I concur!Had a chat with my girlfriends about this..and we decided we were going to be more open and give guys a chance.There is more that meet the eyes most times and you rightly said it "Not everything wonderful comes in elaborate ways"

  4. This is my first time on your blog and i must say i'm impressed. I feel so guilty because i represent the category of designer spending girls with a 'You're not in my latitude' category. Well, because at 24, i've got a well paying job in the U.S and can afford it. But i learned something today--- Just be more open and friendly to people cos' you never know. Blessings come in different ways.


  5. Loved this post. So many of us are in such a hurry or feel too big to stop and listen. Hmm..

  6. I wish some of my friends could read this post.

  7. I have a lot to learn from this post....

  8. so extremely true! Just had this conversation with my friend this evening. To be honest.. this is very bad the confession i am about to make.. but sometimes when I am walking back home from work.. and I see a guy or something first thing i do is look at his shoes because i heard ' you can tell what tpe of man he is by looking at his shoes'.. to be honest i am not sure what exactly i am expecting to find or how to interpret the shoes.. but some said that to me or i read it some year years ago and i can't seem to shake it out of my mind.

    When I think about my ex-es... i can't really say I go for the GQ types.. lol its funny cos if you ask me who my ideal guy is. it would always be the GQ guy but I always ended up with the not so GQ guy. I am excited at whoever the next person will be..hopefully to stay this time :)

    lovely blog.

  9. ...cos 'tis rough and 'dirty looking' does not mean the diamond in it has ceased to exist.


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