Ene Maya Lawani

Its exciting seeing people close to you achieve things, especially when you've known them all your life.
That's the feeling I've got right now. I'm so proud of my friend Ene Maya Lawani, Ex Miss Nigeria. She's coming out with her very own line... The ene maya label is set to push your buttons to the last shred of ...you know something(looking for something intelligent to insert there)
She's been pictured on the red carpet rocking them good...and there she goes turning it into a money making venture. She'll be launching her line later this month.I plan on rocking this piece to the launch :)
its one of my faves

They're exquisite pieces, and the best part about this is the price...you can look beautiful in the turbans from 5k-30k.
Here's the official press release:
Ene Maya is the true African definition of beauty and brains. She
shot to limelight in 2004 in the oldest and most credible of all
beauty pageants in the country with several other Nigerian
beauties to become Miss Nigeria 2004 (the longest serving beauty
The ENE MAYA Collection is a combination of head wraps,
scarves and accessories. The aim is to introduce this as a trend in
young Nigerian women to accessorize any kind of outfit. These
accessories have been a hit in various runways round the world.
A turban is versatile, fun and bold, playful and different. The
turban is quite chic. A turban might not be the first hair accessory
you think of when your outfit is in need of something extra, but its a
brilliant way to tie up your hair while looking like you made an effort
with a fashion accessory. Turban can transform a look from dire to
danny in no time. Wearing a turban demands confidence. You
have to believe in your looks. Turbans are without a doubt a type
of fashion accessory that cannot go unnoticed, offering you the
opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something a
little different from what you may be used to. Being versatile and
interesting, this type of accessory offers you that chance to make a
bold fashion statement adding a vintage allure to any outfit. With
the right dose of courage and creativity, this accessory can
contribute to a very modern look. Fashion is mute until we give it a
voice, that's the gut and energy of this whole thing, you can trust a
turban to do some screaming.
The ENE MAYA Collection will be stocking at Rivista Stores on
Awolowo Road, Ikoyi from the 1st of March 2011.
Prices will range from N5,000 to N30,000.
The launch will be coming up on the 26th of February in Victoria Island
For further enquiries call Ene Lawani on 08035378970.


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