Its a crazy hair day in abuja.

I left for Abuja yesterday, I had an appointment with aminu my dear dear tailor, he's easy on the pocket and goes hard with the machine. On my way to abuja, my friend Miss Tea sent me a bbm. Abuja was going to be on fire on Saturday. Human hair for all man kind on sale(how ironic as i'm planning on selling mine)
I'm not a fan of the Brazilian,Indian et co...well not yet, maybe when I come into my trust fund (yeah I'm Gods trust fund baby) I would buy all the hair I want, even gorilla hair(trust me, gorilla hair's the ish, soft, silky, non get?)
I wouldn't lie, I like all the afghans, Brazilians et co hair, especially as it looks so natural and I sort of feel prettier wearing it(duhhhh) but I'm not crazy about them.
What's contributed in putting me off is the number of girls in the out of work category, barely out of their teens et co, rocking 80 to 100k hair like its 200naira noble.

Anyway the flyer had this crazy prices and I was like 'wow'. Even a lukewarm fan wouldn't resist checking it out.
Saturday afternoon, my friend, Miss Shady says we're going to get hair. Shady wanted us there as the clock struck 2pm, she was willing to let her wedding wait while she hair shopped. I wondered why we had to go so early, we had parked the car at 2pm on the dot and omg, there was already a bunch of cars there with all sorts of girls fast walking into the gates...a male friend of mine said people had been waiting since 1.30pm. I sat by the pool watching, i certainly wasn't in for all that madness.
It was quite interesting, I got to see people I hadn't seen in seriously, girls hovered around the door waiting, it felt like watching tv on boxing day and seeing live how ridiculous it is when people wait in the cold outside selfridges to start the shopping madness or in America on black friday.
They waited and they waited and I got to catch up with long lost friends. I'm sure the organizers didn't expect such a turn out, they were probably making an alternative plan.
I left before the doors were opened, my good friend miss P was willing to wait the crowd out. I hear people were let In batch by batch later.
By the end of the day there will be a number of girls diagnosed with depression after been outsmarted in the hair market, not getting the inches the want. There might be a couple of emergency room visits from wounded toes...the number of heels there and the shoving we can expect that.
All that for hair...I tell you, its all madness. I'm off to yar'dua centre for some exhibition, I hear its not that bad. And they dare say lagosians are crazy.

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  1. Looking good was never easy I guess.. Got to shell out the dough for the hair.... Recently though I have acquired a thing for a chic who rocks her natural hair.. :)

  2. i went there by 6...we really had to go in d time twaz my turn they only had 22, 24 n 28 inches in only peruvian hair...every other thing was sold out..i'm still gutted coz i went home empty

  3. @dhjax, be my val then...I rock the natural hair :)
    @anon lol, hopely u're not one of d depressed ones :) it is well jare, rock ur natural hair, its cool like that

  4. Lol.. So where do we send the official application forms to? :)

  5. Lmao!

    For real......for hair?!

    I probably would have left like you did.

  6. It was so annoying.dunno who send me sef?

  7. me am off the human hair craze...its just a vain pursuit..growing my nappy hair now and it never felt so good.

  8. HAHAHAH @ gorilla hair. You know we abuja peeps are dry, so when something exciting comes alone we act like over excited puppies!


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