When the high gets low...

"your body feeling right, but your soul going left. you think you're getting high but you really getting low... the devil got you blind from the weed that you blow" Lecrae blow your high
smoking weed
It was a hot afternoon and I sat in the main living room, curtains open for a little air. I had a perfect view of the gate and was more than curious when I saw the security let in a well dressed young man, he didn't look normal, and he was chewing on bread and drinking pure water as he bounced in. I've been through two robberies and a number of attempts to have my brains go on alert, I screamed for the help to bolt the back door and watched through the window as this stranger walked towards the back of the house like he knew the place well.
I rushed to one of the rooms where I had a clear view of him as he sat under the tree close to the kitchen door.
It was Adam*.
Unbelievable!!! his face was as black as coal. Adam used to be this cute, fun friend of my brother and I, his mum was a member of the house and a friend of my mum.
He lived the life six years ago when we met.
He smoked the smoke, doped the drugs, rode the rides, had a crush on me and dated a finneeee friend of mine.
Over the years, I've heard he was in and out of rehab...last week his mum told my mum he was past drug rehab, he was mental, and she was doing all she could to get him treated.
There I was, hiding out in the room, feeling guilty as I watched him chew on the pure water pack and laugh with himself.
Is this how the world turns?
I knew it'd be madness to step out, as much as I wanted to go out and hug him in pity. To hold him and say a prayer for him...I knew I couldn't.
Somehow the security persuaded him my brother and I were not home and talked him into leaving after i sent some money out to him for transport.
The security came back with a message from adam* "tell fq the fine boy she loves came to see her"
That broke my heart.
See what the devil's done to this fine young man.
Its funny, earlier in the day as I drove home I thought about him.. Those days where his mum would park all her cars in our house hiding them from him, and he would come over trying to talk my mum into giving him the keys to one of the new cars... the accidents his had and all. And here he is in my house, asking to see me.
Its about an hour since he left and I feel so guilty for hiding out, like a coward, one mind tells me I did the right thing staying indoors, another scolds me for not doing something, for hiding from a friend and not giving the love he needed.
Not sure if to listen to the wisdom of common sense or the conscience that pricks me.
Drugs never takes you beyond the high of a few hours.
If only... If only... If only
Someone could transport the junkies to have a front seat view of what their lives would be in 5years if they don't quit.
I grief for my friend, my heart feels so heavy for him and I'm praying for him. His high has brought him to the lowest.

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  1. I share a similar experience so I know how you feel...I hope some day he will get himself back...its very very sad...

  2. awww this is so sad....
    watching a young man who could have had so much potential.....sigh

  3. So so sad. I can't imagine how you felt.

  4. Sad indeed:( I pray he gets the help he needs.
    Dope sucks.

  5. Auuuw, i don't know him but i actually feel for him and ofcourse his family. I hope this post saves someone's life


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