Hair Dilemma

I've been thinking about cutting my hair.
Its the feeling you get when you're thinking about sky diving or... You know, doing something daring.
Sky diving could either end with you dying without a suicide note, or surviving and being the cool daring kid on the block.
Well cutting my hair feels that way, either I'll look like hell or end up looking like some princess from space...

I haven't had a low cut since junior secondary.
I'll probably be doing something great for the 'lagos wannabe big girls' you know those that try too hard to be among....
I'll treat it and package it good
It'll be hundred percent natural hair, plus I've got full hair so you only get to buy one pack unlike the Brazilian hair around :)

Nigerian hair at its best.
So maybe you can't get it in 16inches or even 10inches,
But I guess 4inch hair wouldn't be a bad bargain,
And trust my wanabe naija peeps, when they find out your weave is 100% naija especially with the 'buy naija' promo going on now, they wouldn't mind if its 2inches as long as they can brag about owning one.(Of cause they'll be too dumb to realize their hair is of the same stuff)
It'll have value, my hair.... You want one, you have to be on the waiting list, 4 years...that's probably how long it'll take to grow it back. And you'll be a bigger big girl if you own one...

So cutting my hair will be great for business, that's a pro, but then am I bold enough to go ahead with it?
Or maybe if I cut it, I'll loose my power like man will ever look at me again, and I'll have to live alone with a cat in my old age....
Oh, what a dilemma, the sleepless nights.
Maybe I am my hair afterall, and I do not have the guts...not even for the fame and fortune my hair pieces would bring me.
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  1. I've cut my hair 3 times in the past 4 years, it like a manic cycle, i grow it back and want to take it off again. You'd think it gets easier with time the dilemma is just as intense each year. This year though I've decided not to give in. Good luck with yours :)

  2. I like this post...But that might be because i'm an advocate of really short cropped hair myself. It liberates you and makes you stand out for reasons that can be fantastic and afrocentric...or not. Depends on where you are. In lagos, i wore my hair close to my scalp for years and it got me different forms of male attention, not necessarily for the right reasons though. However, i didnt miss your not-so-veiled references to the lagos big babes( na so)please go ahead and start the nachie hair trade..they'll probably fall for it, as they do all else.

    Good job.x

  3. Heeheehee! Let's go skydiving!!!
    That has always been a dream:)
    And asper your hair...hmmmm oh well chop it off:D you'll be alright!

  4. Ahem... I see no ones asked me what the shape of my heads like, I've just been told 'off with her hair' so I guess you'll b ready to accomodate me and my cat if I look horrible :). saw a friend today and I'll be cutting my hair in a few days...or a few weeks. Fingers crossed. God help me.

  5. Will you show us a picture when you cut it? I'm still thinking about mine, and it's just for the hair palava here.

  6. Send us a picture with your hair freshly retouched and packed in one...then we will help you decide :-)

    Anyways, there are still wigs in the market, just in case you cut your hair and you do not like it...

    As for me, I have been talking about cutting my hair for years but I have not had the liver to do it

  7. I cut my hair towards the end of last year and I went through the same thoughts and months of deliberating. it is exactly like jumping off a plane and it either goes good or

    thing is some people thought i was very crazy or just very brave(its neither really) but i loved it! it was very liberating for me. whatever you decide as far as you are happy with what you have and oh if u do decide to cut it..u need to rock it! don't hide it! n yh lets see a pic when ur done..Goodluck!

  8. the ded is done, hair is cut, but not as short as i would have loved, and mum didnt even notice:( but i still look like a girl and no one has mistaken me for my brother.

  9. lol. good for you then! that you don't look like your brother!

    so did u just cut it into a short style..a la rihanna?


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