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Hey everyone, haven't posted in a bit.
Its been such a week.
Hidden behind all the laughter of the past few days has been a mind worn out from thoughts of 'what if's' and thanksgivings.

I went for a funeral two days ago. The second funeral of a friend I've been unfortunate to attend. It was crazy.
I mean I couldn't even shed a tear when he was taken to be buried. And I thought, maybe the best way to grief is to shake it off and move on.
We get to a stage where we know griefing takes you no where and thus what you're left with is an option to move on and try your best to live your best, or you get stuck in a place of hopeless fear of the future and of your now.

I should resume regular posts soon.
This is just a little quickie as I head to abuja.
Speaking of Abuja... What's happening in the country is crazy.
I refuse to believe we've come to a place where even heading to the market gives you the creeps 'what if there's a crazy bomber there?'

Everyones scared there's no immediate solution to this because we have a "weak president"
I am and will always remain a hope addict. Afterall 'God is still looking for the weak and foolish things of the earth to manifest His strength and wisdom (1Cor1:26-29)'
So whatever it is we label him as, there's still hope.
One way or the other peace will reign again.

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  1. i h8 it wen pple call GEJ weak, how many things can he do ehn???
    *God save us sha!

    babes lonnnnnnnnnng time, how u?

  2. its a shame that the country seems to be at war against itself bomb wise

  3. It's sad about the funerals, I pray for peace that passes all human understanding. About Nigeria, amen to your prayer.

  4. My tummy sank when I heard of the suicide bomber, but I also choose hope. All the best till your regulars..

  5. The Bombing situation is just crazy,i sat and wondered what the bombers tend to achieve from this. anyway God knows best and in him there is Hope. Just go about your Usual.

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. I don't think this whole bombing thing is due to a "weak" president, Nigerians have just graduated from robbery to ritual killing to kidnapping and now terrorism. Whatever the government, these things will keep happening. I hope it never comes to this but a military administration might soon be the only solution.

  7. Hi sorry to hear about the funeral. Just wanted to say how amazing your blog is. Discovered it on sunday and spend the whole day reading all your posts. You are one amazing writer.

  8. its so sad that there's like no solution to the constant bombings! Nigeria is becoming a failed nation hey! sowi bout your friend's death :(

  9. Sorry about your loss. Nigeria :(

  10. Sorry about your friends ... May God comfort you (and their loved ones too)...

    That suicide bomber attack made me wonder...In Abuja of all places...But, like you, I am still hopeful. It's the least we can do.

  11. Lg,ask them o. i'm good,how've u been?

    angelsbeauty... such a shame. hoping this too shall pass.

    myne... without hope, all is lost.

    didi... they're just senseless people, a little flogging will get them back to reality.

    thirdworldpro.. thanks. i hate to say it too but some things just worked best with the military, but God forbid we go back to that. hopefully those 'big' men behind all the wahalas will be fished out.

    gorgeous spice... thank you so much. X

    kitkat... we cant let that happen to our country o. how's ur holiday going?

    lusciousRon... thanks.

    relentless builder...Amen. Hope and prayers, thats what we'll hold on to.

  12. So sorry to hear about the loses (and funeral)...so sad to hear about young people losing their lives.

    Dont worry, you will be fine in Abuja.


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