Digging for it...

You choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice. The joy of the lord is for you, but its worthless if you don't choose to own it, to activate it, to push the worries behind and live on the bright side of life.

I lost sight of that. I have been a complete mess for a couple of weeks. I somehow let the little foxes dig holes in my garden, causing me to worry, not worrying about anything specific, but letting my heart get to a place of weariness.
Would have been much better if I was worried about something specific, like the project I'm working on or stuff.
Oh well.

I prayed on Christmas day, and the voice within whispered... "Be happy." Gods gift to me is his Joy through Christ's Love, my gift to him is being happy.
And so I am happy.
Well, honestly I'm still digging for my happy bone, wherever it's been buried by the foxes.

I love my Christmas presents... They made my heart soar, but we all know material things don't count for happiness.
So I'm digging, its definitely not in the shopping I'll be doing today(because I hate the madness of people on boxing day)
I'm digging it out, and before the new year, I'll be my old jolly self again, well not my old self, but a whole new better, happy go lucky princess of the king of kings.
I'm probably shedding off some baggage in this phase. Like T.D Jakes preached this morning, whatever it is 'be still', so I'll be still in this moment knowing something great is coming out of it.

Hope you had a good Christmas.
God bless you.


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