To Sandy with Love...

It's my girl's birthday today...
It's amazing how much we've grown. She's one of the strongest women i know. Sometimes i feel like wringing her neck, or pushing her off the bridge when she attacks her chicken bone in public or starts goofing around, other times i want to glue her to the ground so she can seat all day and give me reasonable laughs... She's the one mummy didn't have to think twice before letting me sleep over at hers.
You hardly come across good friends that somehow manage to stick through the years, and she's one of the good ones. We've shared laughs, fears over math scores on promotion term, freaked over and binged on books together, organized our share of teenage parties... We've had our bad car days... well mostly her :), I lost a dad and she lost a mum, we've been through pain, and we've been in trouble together... We've had our days i must say. I'm glad i got to grow up with her... 13years and counting.

She's such a cake junkie and I would have sent her a truck load of a variety of Hummingbird cakes... from red velvet to chocolate, to vanilla sponge to carrot cakes or have my sister bake them all for her. But since she's in Ghana, and i can't afford to send out private jets with deliveries just now... i decided to give her a very special gift on facebook. It's one i'm proud to share here too. (Just so you have a glimpse of one of my many talents)
I dedicate this special drawing, this work of pure genius that has convinced me that I am indeed a talented artist, to you Sandy. After I move to Paris, and walk the streets as a tortured artist with my sketch book, I’ll be discovered, and this drawing will get famous, and you’ll realize what a special birthday gift it is (so don’t snigger at it, appreciate it today… )
I'm sure she's a smart one... she'll value this and so should you. One of those scribbles on a hot and somewhat boring day at the site. See how great it turned out :|. Watch this space. 
God bless my friend in her new year... X


  1. Lol at the drawing. Happy birthday to Sandy

  2. i just say happy birthday to your friend ...nice sharing
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  3. lol, tortured artist ko, turtle peppersoup ni! Happy birthday to your friend... True friends make the world go round


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