He Put A Ring On It... Not My It, Hers....

My childhood friend got hitched to her long time sweetheart recently... since Bella Naija hasn't put up any wedding post of recent, i decided to share my girls' wedding pictures with you. Obi Nwokedi is the genius behind this shoot....

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So yeah, black Barbie got hitched the yoruba way... I never had a barbie doll, but she was my dream best friend and i kind of had a crush on Ken, as i flipped through argos catalogs and prayed just once, mummy would look at the list i gave her, instead of buying whatever she wanted.
This is beyond amazing....
I love the little details like the ipad, wedding proposal, money spraying, the dj, jewelry, aso-ebi etc.
Obi Nwokedi killed this concept. This is far from being sloppy. The attention he paid to detail is amazing... I actually had tears in my eyes as i looked through the pictures, like it was a real wedding and bla bla bla.

Check out Obi's page for the story behind his barbie wedding shoot and more pictures here

(I so want to share all the white wedding pictures with you, but I'm quite embarrassed that my friend went all out to bleach her skin for the day :p check out the white Barbie's Wedding pictures here..)


  1. Oh my word! This is sooooo cute...Check out the asoebi, the dollar bills, her loubous, hahah see d Dj, wow! I really love this oh! Highly artistic! Might actually copy some bits of the asoebi styles...who knew barbie could be this inspiring...lol.

    Obi did a fantastic job!!!

  2. Kudos to Obi,this is fantastic.

  3. This was so adorable. I was floored at the spraying bit. Too friggin' cute! Awwwww, I want to send you a Barbie now, from the classic black dress collection.

  4. Wow. The details are so precise and in-depth. I felt I was viewing pictures from a really elegant live Naija wedding.


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