How Monopoly Choped My Money...

Monopoly tops my list when it comes to board games, It was one game that i loved playing with daddy and my brother, although it almost always ended with me crying after i got bankrupt even with my exclusive hotels and houses.
Original Monopoly Source
Thinking back, my monopoly skills reflects on what the society promotes... I would rush to buy up Mayfair and Park lane, Bond street, Oxford street and Regent street and all the expensive streets to the right of GO on the board, and i would build houses and hotels on them, eagerly awaiting the rent i would receive while shunning the old kent roads and pall malls et co, opting out of buying the train stations and utility companies when i got the chance. Hoarding my money for the big luxury buys and crying when someone else landed on those properties before i got the chance to purchase them. My life goal on the board of monopoly was the green and purple streets.

I was all about the 'exclusive streets' and showing off with my expensive buys. Investment wasn't a thought i reflected on. More often than not, no one paid bills in my hotels and i always ended up in the hotels of those i shunned, and paying utility bills, and fares at the train stations et co and i would have to mortgage my houses/hotels to pay up, because I would have spent all my money in building hotels, getting out of jail, paying fines(those dreaded income taxes) and landing on other peoples property.

My society has taught me to think big always and snub the little things, not because i need it, but to impress my neighbor. And so i buy up the big houses, and go around borrowing, and paying mortgages, while the next person is wise, buying up the small places and earning enough from them to buy up the big things, from the bankrupt me, debt free.. Now i know better.
Robert Kiyosak says "on the board game of monopoly you have one of the best formulas for wealth in the world"... and i agree.

Monopoly chopped my money in the past, but for a greater good... so my real money wouldn't be easily chopped in future :). 


  1. Great analogy. And a great lesson at the cost of fake money and a little pride. lol.

  2. Looool. Thank God you learnt the lessons early enuf.

  3. This post brought back so many great memories of playing the board game with my sister and relatives during early childhood. I too remember how we'd all try hard to get the high-priced property while my aunt was smart enough to get all the property before and after Boardwalk and Park Place. Lol.

    1. Yep Yep... Great Memories (Monopoly WAS DOPE Though!!!)

  4. I really need to try something that everyone do (play monopoly) but I havent. Can u believe it? Not once in my life!


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