Rock Those Heels...

A girl who understands the workings of heels and finds a way to get comfortable in them even in her discomfort is to be admired. Her steps though seemingly careless, are discreetly calculated and well executed… She struts the walk, and is labeled as smart, confident, stylish and classy amongst other things. It gives her a great body posture, while making her legs look longer, nicer and you know, it sort of, kind of gives a slender look, it is THE magic fat buster. On the other hand, get thee away from those heels oh woman who hath struggleth to taketh two steps in heels.
It isn’t such a nice sight seeing women struggle to walk in heels. I was at a wedding the other day and marveled at it, heels are meant to give you a certain swag, but it just makes them look… you know, what’s the word? The calculated steps are obviously calculated, as they hobble in sky-high heels. Your heart beats for them with every step they take, praying for their sake and the sake of womanhood that they don’t trip over and fall… We nod in approval when they fall, and humbly accept a pair of flats after they rise in shame. We wonder why they don’t just wear flat shoes and be comfortable and save the human race from massive heart attacks for each step they take. 
But you really can't blame her for wanting to be in heels, because as uncomfortable as it is, It is a woman’s pride (well some women) the pain that comes with it is just a sad and unfortunate consequence of wearing heels… Thus She would take the discomfort and awkwardness any day as long as she can stand tall, regal and proud. Her reward is catching a glimpse of herself as she walks past a car or window... that moment... Priceless!

Salvation is like a pair of heels. Not everyone wants to wear the sky-high heels of righteous living. It is awkward and uncomfortable… But some take it on and practice the steps to near perfection while others struggle with it. The fact that it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean you choose to drop it and appear underdressed in flats for the classy event of life. You walk the killer walk, even though your feet is about to bust, you dance and prance around like its no big deal, and if you trip on your heels and fall, by all means, you get up, adjust the shoes, refuse the flats and limp a little and then walk with pride all the way… even when you wobble. 
Salvation gives your soul poise, understated grace and elegance… it gives the best look. Makes you stand out in the ball of life. It may be uncomfortable, but that’s the price you pay for class. Salvation should be our pride, we should arrive at that place where we pick salvation over acceptance.
Who says salvation is easy? But it is the best accessory you wear in life. It’s what gives you the oomph factor, even though you have to deny yourself certain comfort/pleasures to have a fulfilling life.
Dress your best and wear a pair of flats for comfort and you ruin the look. You don't literally stand out in the crowd. You can do what the world does comfortably in flat shoes, not a care in the world. Do everything against God’s will, the norm of the world, without a trace of guilt, its your comfort zone. There are moments with heels, when you begin to limp a little, you look at those in flats and sometimes sigh, it feels they have it so easy, and you want to find one of those ballet flats vending machines and get one to cool your heels.(yes, there really are shoe vending machines)

We strut in heels and the damage to our body is... well it is what it is. Salvation hurts our social circles, but Pain isn't the goal of salvation, it is just an unfortunate side effect, and that shouldn't be a reason to pack it all up.
Literally we kind of pull a face at ladies who don’t walk the strut in heels, but non literally, when God sees those who struggle, He knows they want to look good, that’s why they’re desperate to wear heels of His salvation. He’s watching them and even when they wobble, He doesn’t cringe at their lack of understanding, like we humans cringe and tap ourselves and snigger when we see a lady struggling with her heels. He doesn’t, He gives them a helping hand and urges them on. 
If you fall down in the walk because of the high standard and discomfort salvation has put you up to… dust yourself up and rise again, adjust your shoes and keep walking, a saint is a sinner who falls down and rises again and again and again.
Some would rather wear flats… its more comfy, but then you don’t get that unique look the heel gives, that look that instantly transforms your outfit. More swag, more sway, more class, more confidence. Christianity can’t be comfy. It’s sacrificial… It is built on the foundation of sacrifice, The sacrifice of love(For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son... John 3:16), thus we in turn sacrifice things that please our flesh, the ‘comfortable’ and ‘acceptable’ things of the world, the easy life the world offers which is the opposite of the things that please God. Flats make you comfortable in all things you shouldn’t be found doing as a child of God.
“Do not let sin control the way you live; do not give in to sinful desires. Do not let any part of your body become an instrument of evil to serve sin. Instead, give yourselves completely to God, for you were dead, but now you have new life. So use your whole body as an instrument to do what is right for the glory of God. “Rom 6:12-13 (NLT)
Do not let the comfort of flats control the way you dress for the party of life, as uncomfortable as they may be, get your heels out and even if you aren't near perfect in that walk, struggle... you'll get it soon enough.

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