****I wrote this about four years ago, it's been sitting in my draft folder... Don't judge me, I'm just a girl with a crave.
My body’s all shaky, the kind of shakes an addict gets when he’s got the itch for drugs. Yes I’m on drugs (well the prescribed sort of drugs :D) and it makes me shake and act all anxious sometimes.  The shake's worse than usual because right now, in addition to the effects of the drug, I’m shaking for boli. Like an addict, I cant stop thinking about that yellow piece of juicy heaven that was probably created with my name on it.
Hi, my name is Inyamu, and I am a plantain addict. I love it boiled, fried, mashed and balled up and yes roasted….
Yummmm!!! source
Haven’t tasted this bit of el’fq’dorado heaven in God knows how long… Can't figure out why when Adeyemo Alakija has got one or two boli spots, I have been denied this treasure..
A friend of mine/fellow blogger just returned from Abidjan, and all I can think of right now is to up and leave, stroll out of work, throw my jacket on my back and head out into the sunshine to Abidjan. She had so much fun, but nothing excites me more at the thought of Abidjan than her saying that boli lines it's streets. To me, that’s like a street paved with gold right now, my Midas touch, everywhere I turn and everything I see and touch would be boli, soft sweet hot boli.
Now I’ve hinted, help a sister out, if you live close to me(KA), work next to me (M) Would be sorry to see me go to rehab(kG) wouldn't want to sing at my lack of boli induced suicide funeral(O) Don’t want to blame yourself for my downfall cos you wrote about boli in Abidjan(Ada)... Then send some hot juicy boli to a sister like now, or tomorrow maybe? Sometime soon, probably? But not too late cos it might be too late. I’m suicidal people.
Oh and I’m not that cheap, throw in a cookie dough bluebunny ice cream with that….lol
It's real yo!!!… :D
I thought about breakfast as I prepared for the day and remembered the church declared a fast for that day. I was cool with it. I didn’t sigh in frustration at the thought of missing a meal. No big deal. That's till the devil made me pass through the kitchen on my way out… and what in the world!!! On the local grill was plantain, being transformed to boli. I squealed in delight, telling the help how happy I was, as i mentally made up my mind to wait for the boli before leaving home… Oh the delight on her face when she said in a sing song voice “aunty, fastingggggg” 
Oh dear, the sight of boli sent my memory strolling. I sighed and gave her a tight laugh, deep in my mind I wondered why she had to choose go to my church last Sunday of all Sundays… Why didn’t she go to her regular church? The universe was probably working to keep me in check for Wednesday fasting *sigh* With a heavy heart I stepped away from my throats idea of paradise.
If you don't hear from me in a while, you wouldn't be wrong in assuming I found my way to Abidjan already... It's four years over due.


  1. i feel you on the plantain love , i love it fried, boiled, and boli..don't get me started on those...


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