The Dress...

I really wanted some dress from Tiffany Amber, and I was going to get it for myself someday. Then my dear friend got it for me for my birthday :). My day was on a Friday; he got it and gave one of his staff the package to send to me through a transport company on his way home after work, since I’m out of Lagos. He was confident I would get it on my birthday and even called to let me know he sent my dress. I was so excited about it. I kept checking my phone in the evening and getting a little anxious when I didn’t get a call from the transport company informing me of the arrival of my dress… (You only begin to seriously pray for journey mercies for strangers when you have a stake in their vehicle.)
It didn’t come and I kind of forgot about it till the evening of the next day when he called to ask if I got it and I told him I hadn’t gotten it.
He called his staff whose story was that he was unable to send it because of blab bla blab. Come Monday, he still didn’t send it. Now, I hate asking for things, but if you’ve promised me or told me about something, then its only fair for me to find out… like “dude I didn’t beg for the dress, so enough with the dragging if you didn’t get it, just tell me”. I was this close to thinking my legs were just being pulled for fun. That’s before he called me to say, he was sending to the shop to get another of the same dress for me. 

What’s the story?
 The staff who was given the dress to send couldn’t make it to the transport company after work, so he took it home. The rats in his house were excited about seeing something they’d only seen on the pages of the magazines they munch on, so the proceeded to have a bite of the delicate silk outfit that weekend. The dude took it to a tailor to patch it up before finally showing it to his boss... Like seriously.
And so it was that a new dress was purchased…  and so rather than send it, or drop it off at the house in Lagos to be kept for me, it was delivered to a friend who was meeting up with me in another state…. She flew the dress to me just in time to wear it for an occasion, feeling really pretty as everyone complimented me and no one knowing the true story of how the dress got to me, two weeks after it was to be delivered, days of dashed expectations and anger and forgetting about it. And there I was looking all glam. :D
This reminds me of Daniel… remember how he had a revelation and he fasted and prayed for understanding? It didn’t come until after three weeks of desperate prayers, when the angel came and said his prayer was heard from the first day, but he was attacked on his way with the answer. "'Relax, Daniel,' he continued, 'don't be afraid. From the moment you decided to humble yourself to receive understanding, your prayer was heard, and I set out to come to you. But I was waylaid by the angel-prince of the kingdom of Persia and was delayed for a good three weeks. But then Michael, one of the chief angel-princes, intervened to help me. I left him there with the prince of the kingdom of Persia. And now I'm here to help you understand what will eventually happen to your people. The vision has to do with what's ahead.' Daniel 10:12-14

When you pray, remember God's word says  "Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear." Isaiah 65:24 
Our prayers are always heard, and sometimes we get instant answers, sometimes it is delayed by forces we're clueless about, this forces could be anything from spiritual to ourselves(not being ready to receive what we ask for)...
"Daniel would have been cheered in his days of fasting and service if he had known that an angel was on his way to him to comfort him, and to communicate to him an answer from God; often - if not always - in our days of deepest anxiety and trouble; when our prayers seem not to penetrate the skies; when we meet with no response; when the thing for which we pray seems to be withheld; when our friends remain unconverted; when irreligion abounds and prevails; when we seem to be doing no good, and when calamity presses upon us, if we saw the arrangement which God was already making to answer the prayer, and could see the messenger on the way, our hearts would exult, and our tears would cease to flow. And why, in our days of trouble and anxiety, should we not believe that it is so; and that God, even though the delay may seem to be long, will yet show himself to be a hearer and an answerer of prayer?" Barnes Bible Note Commentary on Daniel 10

Are you waiting on God for something? Know that He's heard you... If it makes you feel better, keep knocking on heavens door after ringing the door bell till you get your answer. I've gotten answers to prayers I said just once and things I probably even forgot I ever prayed about, and I have gotten answers to some that i kept praying and bugging God about (Just like the situation with my dress) and same time I still have prayers unanswered. It gets frustrating when you have to wait, but i choose to focus on Gods faithfulness, knowing that He's heard me and my answers are on the way. All I have to do is look back and see what he's done for me. Surely I will see the Lords goodness in the land of the living. Thus I choose to believe I will be blessed beyond measure in my lifetime...
(Do you ever imagine what the scene in Daniel 10 was like? An angel of darkness attacking one of light, and then the great arch angel Micheal comes to the rescue :D Awesome!!! Hollywood would never capture that right) 

I got my dress. Daniel got his answer... It may take a while, but it'll surely come. Believe!


  1. Moral of the story: Being patient pays.
    And err rats love good things too. Wink*

  2. God sent message.... thank you for delivering it and allowing yourself to be used

  3. I believe this post is for me. God definitely has a good sense of humour; he directed my path to your door, he sent you with a word for me.

    It may take a while, but it'll surely come. I believe.

    Thank you.

  4. Thanks for encouraging me with this message

  5. Very encouraging words. I've been reading the book of Daniel over the last couple of days and was actually going to put up a story on my blog about patience and perseverance in the place of prayer. This post has confirmed to me that i still should.

    I'm currently waiting on God as well, so i know how it feels. But we know,that we know, that we know that God NEVER lies. Just remember, do not be weary of well doing because in God's time we will reap the reward if we do not faint.

    I know its not easy, but thank God we don't have to do things in our own strength.

  6. God bless u my sis, u are good!


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