You’d probably give me a look when i tell you the fact of what this year has been like for my family and I... A look like this

But me? I would scream and pour out tears till the world swims in it just like 'Alice in wonderland', because God has been so good to my family and I. In the face of the facts, He fed us with some juicy truth, that gives us no choice but to praise Him. So save the look :)

I wouldn't be wrong to call 2012 'The year of the storm.'
Oh my gosh, I saw howling winds and rogue waves. But as the storm raged on the outside, it wasn't allowed to get inside. It may have been hell thrown at us, but it was all heaven on the inside. We walked on water through it all... I saw Jesus in the midst of the struggles, I saw His grace and His love see my family and I through.

I look back and all I see is beauty, grace, love and more grace.
Everything we’ve gone through as a family, every pain killer we’ve willingly taken for the other person has only strengthened our faith. We have fought battles and we have come out of them victorious. 

In other news?
I didn't die at the realization that somehow, without knowing, I had moved out of Lagos. All my clothes, shoes, books, jewelry and toiletries still as I left them, waiting for me to walk in and pick up from where I left, when I left for just a week or two which has turned out to be a year plus now. If I didn't leave the way i did, i don't think i would have ever been mentally prepared to move.
I grew up in Makurdi, thus I've got to love the town, it's home. But there's always a 'but' when it comes to this town...  I was in the right frame of mind when I agreed to stay back for mum and the factory. I didn't even fight it, because I know that I know that I know that God has a plan, and I'm right in the middle of it, even though I'm a little lost about that. I love my small town and best testimony about it is...

  • I didn’t die when I craved apple crumble and couldn’t lay my hands on it. 
  • I didn’t go crazy when I was bored and wanted to see a play or something. 
  • I didn’t crawl into a corner sucking my thumb when I heard of all the fun gatherings with friends and events I missed out on cos I wasn’t there. 
  • I survived nights of daydreaming and actually seeing myself in yellow chilli eating jellof rice fiesta and obe din... Oh gosh!
  • I didn't get the shakes when I heard about the new ice cream parlor 'coldstone' right there in phase 1. I can have all the ice-cream I want whenever I go back.
  • My spirit hasn't been starved like I feared. I miss my church, I miss everything about City of David. But I was placed in a church that is home to me, one that has fed my spirit so good, I'm almost obese, and a Pastor that has shown love. I know I’m in the right place at the right time. I couldn't be happier.

A couple of friends got married. Bliss!!!
I watched those I joked with transform into daddies and mummies… Crazy!!!
I made new friends. Blessed!
My birthday wish list got ticked off, and my mental Christmas list has been ticked as well... Great God!
I got baptized by immersion. Glory!!! (Been missing out on all the opportunities to do this till this year, long story.)

And this year, all my lobbying for godmother duty paid off. I got two offers but could only accept being a 'mother' to one. I haven’t been as good as I imagined I would be to my goddaughter, I haven’t sent people to sleep with the fishes and I haven’t showered her with all the attention I imagined my godchild would get… sigh!!! The movie godfather made it look so easy.

Oh, and I found my own prince charming and fell hopelessly in love with him. It’s been eight months and I’m crazy over my baby… yeah, baby literally, not baby ‘baby’ as in terms of endearment baby. My baby cousin, the first male in the family in over ten years is such a bloke and some, and I’m crazy about him.
I went through a real life class on faith, and wow!!! Walking on water is real yo!!!
All in all, I have seen favor, the Lords goodness and compassion over my family and I, He has preserved us and proved Himself. All I can say is THANK YOU!
I can’t complain about the year, the storms were blessings as they taught lessons and triggered growth.

I am the poster girl of grace, favor, mercy and love.


  1. Blessings...for the new year ahead....

  2. Lol, I was thinking of another type of 'Baby'.

    God sure has a way of working things out. In our myopic view, we may not see it, but at the end of the day, it will all work together for our good.

  3. Happy new year dear, indeed, he has done all things well!

  4. Happy New Year. Haven't read your blog in sooooo long.

    Have a blessed year ahead.

  5. Yes, some of the things we think we cannot live without are quite optional.

    Happy New Year! Here's wishing you all the very best in 2013. Maybe we'll get some pictures of you in Makurdi this year. Some of us would love that. *ahem*

  6. wow!!!first time reading your blog.and its a beautiful blog and a wonderful post...
    i loved the way you portrayed everything through a grateful person's perspective. how much you lived and loved amidst all your trails and storms.
    Here's to wishing you a more glorious 2013.
    ur post inspired the ungrateful side of me..
    nice blog inyamu

  7. oh...and lest i forget..the godmother pix is so funny..where in the world did you get that
    baby cousin..**sigh**lool..here i was thinking twas "babay" hehe

  8. I love every line in this post, it is an expression of a grateful heart. Every experience you underwent transformed into the personality you are. You taught me a few things, gracias! Keep the blogging coming, would nt miss out on any post.


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