Merry Christmas....

It’s the day before Christmas already. I didn’t notice it creep up on me.
I love Christmas!!! Who doesn’t? What’s not to love about it? 
It's so easy to love your way through Christmas without acknowledging the reason for the season. 

Decided to do a repost of something I wrote...

I look round at the hundreds of guests in the room. 
It is my special day and everyone in town is excited about celebrating it in a big way with me. Well, except a few haters who stayed away.
My birthday is the talk of town, the It event of the year.
It feels wonderful seeing them go all out to celebrate me. People go all out for my big day. I notice new and expensive dresses, sparkly shoes, glamorous hair dos and even brand new cars on display.

There's dazzling smiles and cheerfulness. It's hard for anyone to stay gloomy at this party.

The music? The best musicians from around the world have composed special songs and performed them just for me.
The food? How do they say it in Italian? Delizioso? So delicious, that people have come ready to throw away those funny diets to indulge. It is a day where calories have received air kisses and big hugs.
There is dancing, from the goofy to the wonderful moves.
Love is in the air.

It makes me glad that I was born. I was born for a purpose, I was born out of love, and my birth brings people of all class together.
But then, in the midst of it all, the merry making and the laughter, my heart breaks.
As much as everyone is joyful and celebrating my day, very few people even acknowledge me, the celebrant.
Everyone is out for my special day, but no one really cares about me, the celebrant.
Just a few have taken time out of all the fun to say "Happy birthday Jesus, thank you for becoming flesh for our sake. Your gift of love to us"

Merry Christmas people! Have a great one, and be sure to take a moment to say Thank You Jesus. He's the reason for the season. His birth opened the door to our salvation.  


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