Tummy Rants...

Yes to midnight snacking!!!
But then, how disappointing it is, to use up your energy to raid the fridge, and come out with no spoils from that little war, nothing to make you feel like a true warrior.
That's when your craving, like a nagging wife starts to dance the 'azonto' on your nerves. It takes you round the world, wining and dining on different cuisines with your minds mouth, while in reality, your stomach rumbles and your mouth waters...
All you wanted was just something to munch on and now you’re thinking how like superman your dear-future-husband should be, because if he promises to love you, then it's only fair that he should be able to fly to different continents at odd hours and in record time, to get you the different cuisines you crave or a plain old quarter-pounder meal.
And since you know that’s impossible, you become unhappy that the blue body suite, red cape wearing, one hand in front like a silly fist pump flying man isn’t real and then you’re mad at Hollywood for that illusion of superman and....  *Sigh* I guess it’s No to midnight snacking after-all. Either that or stock up your fridge with everything you can think of, so you don’t get depressed.
Oh no, I'm not impressed. if you were real, you'd hear my soul cry out for food right now and you'd save me from the war in my tummy. I'm not impressed with you or your Hollywood creators right now. Arrant nonsense.

Yet another night of nothing to snack on. bleeh!!!


  1. lol....I think like this sometimes, and I later congratulate myself for my strong will in not succumbing to snacking. My superman strenth is in not buying any munchies in the first place :)

  2. This is funny, and happens way too often to me. But it can be good, sha.

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