Dreaming Of Reality...

I’m on vacation, with my sister and cousin. I love it… but I miss reality. Isn’t it weird to miss reality? I just want to be back in the flow of it all. There’s an illusion of perfection you get from holidays. You shop till you go broke(so maybe i didn't shop that much), forgetting there’s a life after your moments. You lounge in a luxury hotel and get waited on… You live like you were born to spend(yes I was, but that's not the point :))
I used to love all that. I used to love breakfast buffets…  Now all I want is just home. I want to be back to where I can start figuring out how to figure things out. Like make the calls I have to make, to make the things I need to do happen.
Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the privilege to be away. I am extra grateful for this holiday… I am beyond grateful. Maybe the anesthetic wasn’t strong enough; maybe it’s fading away. I’ve never stayed in Dubai for more three nights… probably why I feel this way. I snapped out of holiday mode on day four. That's not going to stop me from enjoying the rest of my stay though, I wouldn't let it. :)

I went dune bashing yesterday. The last time I went dune bashing, I promised myself that I would never ever do it again… not ever. I found myself bashing the dunes again yesterday…. I saw myself being brave and enjoying it while i held my sister to keep her calm. Never say never. Lesson learned? Don’t give up on anything after the first try… it may have been bad, but you never know how good it’ll be when you try again. What's that Aaliyah sang? "if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself up and try again..."


  1. Inyamu, unlike me when i'm on vacation i don't miss reality ohhhhhhhhh. lol.....
    I have come to realise that persistent pays so yes "never give up on anything after the first try" . Have fun!!!!:)


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